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This paper’s point of focus is to determine the best form of psychotherapy treatment in the case and point of a 25-year-old woman that has trauma in a sexual and physical sense from their childhood. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common occurrence in survivors of physical abuse…
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Psychotherapy for Physical and Sexual Trauma
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Download file to see previous pages The first form of treatment that could be used in the case in question is Exposure. In this form of therapy, the patient faces their phobias directly. They are coerced into dealing with them directly. This is usually done very carefully in order to avoid re-traumatizing said victim. In some cases, all the triggers/reminders are confronted in one go (flooding) while in others, the triggers are usually confronted one at a time (desensitization). This gives the patient enough time to handle the impact of each trigger. Exposure usually comprises of relation techniques and imagery. The strength of this form of psychotherapy is that it allows one to regain control of their situation by diminishing the power of the reminder over their lives (Cloitre, 2005).
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is similar to Exposure. However, this form of psychotherapy focuses on turning dysfunctional feelings into positivity. The patient is usually informed from the onset that formal therapy would not be pursued indefinitely (McDonagh, 2005). Rather it goes on for an average period of 16 sessions. This usually forces the patient’s mental mindset to have a resolve in tackling the issue at hand before the period lapses. This form of psychotherapy has been known to be especially successful with patients tackling anxiety disorders such as insomnia and drug rehabilitation.
A Much more subtle form of therapy would be Mindfulness. This combines some aspects of Cognitive behavioral therapy with meditation techniques. Notably, this is only likely to be successful in patients that only experience a mild form of PTSD. It usually trains the mind to learn to interrupt the process through which it relapses into depressive elements (Brotto, 2012). Through this, patients learn not to react to the stimuli that cause the PTSD enhancement in their lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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