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Garrett - Case Study Example

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The following case study report was written by professional mental specialists to ascertain the condition of Garrett and help the institution come forward with ways of offering him further assistance. The paper is solely focused on giving the observations and the recommendations…
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Case Study Garrett
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Extract of sample "Garrett"

Download file to see previous pages Garrett is a twelve-year-old male student at Driftwood Elementary School. Garrett is in the fourth grade, and his class performance is below normal. He speaks English but has some level of difficulty communicating with others. He also receives remedial teaching three times a week to help him with his grammar and writing. Apart from this, he does not receive any other special attention from the institution.
The Teacher Intervention team took in Garrett to try to investigate why he lags behind his classmates in class. They developed alternative strategies such as graphic organized written response decoding and read aloud echo reading to try to pinpoint what exactly is the problem that Garrett is facing. Another proficient also assessed him in reading instruction. The teaching expert organized these sessions, and he received special attention four days a week. He was analyzed in such areas as fluency, assessment in writing skills, vocabulary building, and analytic phonics instruction. After careful analysis, this assessment revealed that Garrett had difficulties in areas such as summarizing and interpreting text, and his written response was elaborate and lacked detail. He received speech and language screening and completed a social and emotional behavioral report as well. After careful consideration, the school proposed to have Garrett evaluated further to know whether he was eligible for special education services. They sought parental consent to have the evaluation carried out.
Garrett began attending pre-school for four years, and no problems were seen. He later enrolled at kindergarten Grammar school, and it was at this point that his teacher noticed the attention and pronunciation difficulties. He managed to progress to the next level and from the first grade up to third grade; each of his teachers noticed his inattentiveness and challenges he faced in reading. In the second and third years, he began attending the reading room where he received ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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