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The main aim of this investigative study is to analyze the components that contribute to low outputs in the vast organizational workforce…
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You can choose one of the topics on the Instructions
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The main aim of this investigative study is to analyze the components that contribute to low outputs in the vast organizational workforce.
On this research, workforce consisting of more than five hundred employees in two companies were interviewed and asked their opinions concerning their overall production and components which facilitated its degradation in any workplace. Additional forty employees from a third company responded to questionnaires concerning the same issue and gave vast variant opinions.
After careful analysis concerning low productivity in many companies, I found out that ineffective management systems and communication blended with outclasses technologies and workforce private issues such as ill health and stress were the chief factors contributing to low outputs in most organizations.
The prevailing workplace environment combined with personal factors affecting each employee are the key issues to consider when deciding how to solve effectively the challenges which result in low productivity in any organization. Organizations, companies and bodies which move beyond the normal routines of job attendance to amicably find the root causes of low production among workers will inevitably improve their productivity in a scaling rates.
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