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The study of psychology course expanded my ability to think independently and understood mental processes that are complex to comprehend under normal situations. The course also improved my communication skills and has helped me to get better ways of understanding other…
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Evaluate my psychology class
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Download file to see previous pages In this psychology course, I came understand that the culture influences the peoples behavior. Different cultures have diverse non-verbal communication that affects how people behavior. Human interactions and behaviors are influenced by social forces that are not limited to the child/ parent interaction. I came to understand that children get some sense of the security when they in the presence of the caregiver. While the neglected, and abused child will exhibit indifference towards the absence of the caregivers (Collin, 2012). Again it is worth to note that I got to understand that children may react differently towards their immediate environment.
There are major issues and concepts in the field of psychology, for instance, there is the experimental learning theory that defines learning as a way of gaining knowledge and transforms it to through experiences. There is also the Bronfenbrenner concept that suggests that the child respond to the different environment depends on the prevailing conditions that surround the place (Collin, 2012). There is Jigsaw classroom, where the room is organized, and the students are encouraged to participate fully in learning. The class is subdivided, and the course is given some materials to learn. The issues and concepts of psychology range from the behavior, cognitive, biology to motivation.
Before my psychology class, there were some of the concepts that I never I had their comprehension. The concept of observing ones behavior and note the consequences that are attached to it (Collin, 2012). This idea is imperative when one gets to a new venture one get time to observe those who are experienced and learn from them. There is also the aspect of classical conditioning where the something happens to anyone as he or she performing an individual activity; when the one gets an opportunity to see the same thing it will around the memories of the bad thing that happened to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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