Sexual Orientation Microaggressions against the LGBT Population - Essay Example

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The author of the essay describes sexual orientation microaggressions against the LGBT population. He describes his feelings and his actions if he belongs to LGBT population and what the authorities could do for such people   …
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Sexual Orientation Microaggressions against the LGBT Population
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Extract of sample "Sexual Orientation Microaggressions against the LGBT Population"

Download file to see previous pages I believe that sexual orientation micro-aggressions that originate from the LGBT community are more hurtful than microaggressions that arise from the heterosexual community. Why would this be so? Already the LGBT are alienated from the society, are stereotyped and face all manner of discrimination from the heterosexual people. As a result, they seek solace and a sense of belonging to the LGBT community. If they were to face microaggression from the LGBT community, then it would be a double tragedy. They would be hurt more.
I believe the common types of microaggressions that occur more commonly among lesbian women are microaggressions within the LGBT community, abnormality or deviance, and exoticization. On the other hand, gay men experience assumption of universal LGB experience, the silence within families and use of heterosexist terminology. Additionally, bisexual women face physical threat or harassment, microaggressions within the LGBT community and silence within families. Finally, bisexual men face assumption of universal LGB experience, the silence within families and physical threat or harassment (Nadal, 2013).
The types of sexual orientation microaggressions I encounter at school and in the religious systems include the use of heterosexists or transphobic language, endorsement of heteronormative or gender normative behaviors and cultures, assumption of universal LGB experience, exoticization, discomfort and disapproval of LGB experience by heterosexists and assumption of sexual pathology, abnormality or deviance.
Systems and institutions could assist Nicole Dan and Sean in their experience with microaggression. For instance, the government could come up and enforce laws that protect the rights of the LGBT community. Additionally, Kimberly, Yamile, Beadnell, and Walters (2011) observe that media could be useful in championing non-discriminatory awareness programs and to the rest of the community.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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