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Issues of Trustworthiness and Writing Analyses - Coursework Example

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The conduct of a researcher may affect the responses of the participants, thereby influencing the direction of the outcome of the research. Due to…
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Issues of Trustworthiness and Writing Analyses
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Download file to see previous pages The main factor that negatively influences trustworthiness is bias. It is an unacknowledged or unknown error created during the design, sampling, measurement, procedure or selection of the selection of a choice of the problem to study (Sinkovics & Alfoldi, 2012). Bias is very persuasive as the researcher always wants to confirm the aspects that he or she believes are real life. On the other hand, science organizes itself in a way to prove itself right or wrong. Therefore, concerning qualitative research, explicit acknowledgement of the various kinds of bias, which influence trustworthiness in studies, is critical.
First, design bias is one of the key factors contributing to the negative shaping of qualitative research. The design bias does not crop in when a study fails to control threats to the external or internal validity. However, it emerges when the research fails to identify the problems concerning validity. In addition, when the aspect if publicity fails to consider the cautions of various researchers.
Second, measurement of bias and sampling bias also affect the level of trustworthiness. It occurs upon failure of the researcher to control the influences of data qualitative analysis and data collection. In qualitative research, this factor is not very common. However, it typically occurs when the respondents give answers that are socially desirable to them and the society. Similarly, sampling bias is rampant in quantitative research, and the sampling procedure is its primary cause. However, not common, it affects to a substantial level the authenticity or trustworthiness of research.
Another vital factor that is instrumental in skewing trustworthiness is procedural bias. It affects qualitative research indirectly. When the researcher administers questionnaires or interviews, in adverse conditions the outcome of the results may be influenced significantly. Together with other errors such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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