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As Wang points out, researchers currently are trying to establish if there is a link between creativity and imagination and the ability to recall past events…
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3 Summaries
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Download file to see previous pages A psychological understanding of these traits shows that ability to memorize an occurrence is directly associated with the level of retention and factors that may lead to eventual replacement of that particular information, e.g. upon arrival fresh information and/or skill. Any information stored in memory, if not used frequently, used in the sense that the possessor has interest with it, undergoes gradual self-decay, or may end up being substituted with more recurrent information. When such a replacement takes place, an individual can completely fail to remember anything related to the information or skill that was of less interest.
Secondly, the transfer of appropriate processing procedures also plays a vital role in memorizing past events. Of great concern regarding this are the factors that propagate initial learning sequences, which determines whether the said skill or information is retained as engraved patterns, and not solely for future use. Retrieval of such information therefore depend on the similarity between mode of acquisition and the retrieval pattern. This implies that an understanding of memory depend on a myriad of factors, and not on creativity and imagination alone.
Berns notes that the world of today has subjected humans to great fear in everything they do. He observes that our decisions are solely aimed at self-preservation, and thus is inclined towards avoiding high-risk ventures that may actually give us good returns. The fear tends to drive us towards valuing that which we are already in possession of. In as much that this may be true, self-preservation has numerous advantages that far much outweigh the avoidance of high-risk ventures.
The skinner experiment, to begin with, showed that upon stumbling on a positive result, actions that follow tend to favor persistence on the same course. This implies that with realization of positive results in any undertaking, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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