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Team buildind - Essay Example

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Completer –Finisher, is an action oriented person who ensures projects and task completed within the stipulated time without errors or omissions paying attention to details. They are worried about stipulated deadlines and will pressurize the team to finish the job within the…
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Team buildind
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Download file to see previous pages However, according to Belbin Completer-Finisher worries unnecessarily and find it very difficult to delegate work they preferred to be overwhelmed than share work. As part of my role as a supervisor in my former job. I ensured that jobs are completed within stipulated time, and workers are made to produce quality job to maximize profit to the satisfaction for managements of the company.
With this contribution of my experience, making sure that tasks are completed within the stipulated time which eventually produces high-quality products matches my Belbin preferred role. Total and finisher encourage productivity hence employees are motivated by meeting internal deadlines, products development, sales growth, and profits margin that keeps the team on track as part of strength brought to the group.
With my secondary role within my team, l was able to make things work accordingly whatever the obstacles. I always make sure that l find the way around by handling any confrontation and any challenges that might occur within the team giving shape and form to my team activities towards the success of my team. Because I was goal oriented, I was able to visualized goals and then make them possible which is part of essential steps to team success. My goals for the team’s success keep me focused, which help me to direct all my efforts to a proper idea. I worked every day without any obstacles, by involving myself more in team planning and work strategy. I kept my team aware of all that is going on generally by communicating with the team effectively, talking all my needs, expectations and ideas of all team members sending correct messages to team members. I ensure they understand me, showing a clear direction to the team on kinds of needs to be finished and how it can be achieved in a brilliant format.
Other strengths brought to the team while working in accordance to the secondary roles include, effective leadership, supporting collaboration and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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