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Transgender individuals often experience various forms of discrimination - Essay Example

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Males have always been regarded as the dominant sex even at the current age where equality has improves significantly in different sectors such as employment and education. Gender…
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Transgender individuals often experience various forms of discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages There are other groups of persons that also face inequalities in their daily lives. These include persons with intersex conditions, lesbians and gays. This essay will explain the discrimination against transgender individuals, its impacts to their lives and recommend solutions to the issue.
Transgender discrimination is a type of sex-based discrimination, where individuals face unequal treatments due to their gender preferences. Transgender individuals, also known as transsexual individuals, refer to persons who were born naturally as men or women but want to transit to the opposite gender, that is, to a gender different from their gender at birth (Levi 77). Male individuals in this category were born with the natural male anatomy. The same is also true for females. However, in the course of their lives, transgender individuals develop a feeling that they being born as either male or female are wrong. They develop a strong need to transit to the opposite gender and live and behave like persons of the opposite sex. The term transgender thus implies the identities and behavior traits of transgender persons.
Transgender discrimination is more deeply entrenched and widespread in society than the discrimination against normal men and women. The main reason that explains this discrimination is misinformation and the perception that society has concerning transgender individuals. In the history of humankind, persons with sexual preferences towards other persons of the same gender or across gender have always been shunned and discriminated against. These persons are referred to as intersexual individuals. Discrimination against transgender individuals happens primarily because society places them in the same classification as intersex persons. However, this is not the case as transgender individuals only desire to live the life of the opposite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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