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Organizational Testing and Assessment - Essay Example

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Organizations have various ways of assessing and evaluating the performance of their employees and performance appraisal is one of the tools for measuring success. By definition, performance appraisal refers to the process of assessing as well as evaluating the performance of…
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Organizational Testing and Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Performance appraisal also allows the organization to decide on the level of needed training in any case the performance is lagging behind o provide rewards, like promotions, when employee performance supersedes or at par with the set standards. Therefore, a performance appraisal is a tool used by the organization to determine if an employee should be guaranteed promotion, demotion and reward of any. The implication is that the performance appraisal documents the performance of the particular employee.
Behavioral observation scales are methods that are used to measure and evaluate the value and behaviors of employees in situations where job performance is not measurable or evaluated solely on productivity basis (Cohen, Swerdlik, & Sturman, 2013). In this case, the behavioral scales assess behaviors of every employee on a comparable scale or basis. On the other hand, organizations use the scale to record and document the frequency of engaging in certain behaviors or not. Besides, the tool provides an easy to use scale for comparing the results of employees to each other and also using the results evaluate the extent to which the employee is below or above the set baseline for their behaviors. Therefore, behavioral observation scales provide fast-hand tools for ensuring that the employees are meeting the expected behavioral standards and also useful in determining the necessary disciplinary action for bad behaviors. However, workers who are easy to evaluate through productivity are barely subjected to behavioral scale assessment or evaluation.
The Big Five theory of personality defines the five primary domains of humanity personality thus explaining how individual differences occur (Cohen, Swerdlik, & Sturman, 2013). Human resource personnel, therefore, have been using the theory to place their employees in terms of their personality because the domains are believed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Testing and Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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