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General Psychology - Essay Example

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It is believed that the standards that are involved in the measure of intelligence are very narrow and do not incorporate the full range of intelligence of a person. Instead, the ability to express and…
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General Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages It was observed that the individuals with higher EQ level made more sales than the one with lower EQ levels. It was thus conclude that EQ is more important in an individual’s success that IQ.
Intelligence Quotient is a value or a number derived from a standardized intelligence test. The IQ value is obtained by dividing the mental age of an individual by the chronological age and then multiplying the quotient by 100. On the other hand, EQ is a measure of the level of emotional intelligence of a person. This refers to the ability of the person to express, control and evaluate emotions (Goleman, 1996). It is believed that the standards that are involved in the measure of intelligence are very narrow and do incorporate the full range of intelligence of a person. Instead, the ability to express and understand human emotion can perform an equal or even better role in the manner in which an individual fares on with life (Goleman, 1996).
In this experiment we are going to try and prove that emotional intelligence quotient is more important than intelligent quotient. Research that was conducted by Carnegie Institute of Technology showed that eighty five percent of an individual’s success is due to his personality, negotiate, ability to communicate and lead (Cherry, 2014). National Insurance Company observed that sales agent who were not strong on their emotional competence such as initiative, self-confidence, and empathy sold relatively less policies as compared to those sale agents who had high emotional competence (Cherry, 2014). The importance of this experiment is to determine how one can use his or her emotional quotient to gain a competent advantage in his or her daily activities. We can therefore state that emotional intelligence quotient is more important than intelligence quotient.
In this study, we employed different research designs and methods to obtain data and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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