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Eating disorders - Research Paper Example

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Any eating disorder is marked by extremes. This means that a person’s eating behavior is characterized by severe disturbances, for example, extreme overeating or extreme…
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Eating disorders
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"Eating disorders"

Download file to see previous pages The two main types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa; the third category mentioned above includes several variations of eating disorders, which, in some way, are similar to the two main types. Earlier, binge eating was defined as a separate eating disorder; today, however, it is regarded as one of eating disorders not otherwise specified. These days, in the United States, about twenty-four million of people suffer from an eating disorder, and among other mental illnesses, it is eating disorders that have the highest mortality rate (ANAD).
Causes of eating disorders are various and complex, and they include biological, genetic, psychological, behavioral and social factors (National Institute of Mental Health). Risk factors include having a history of eating disorders in a family as well as substance abuse and depression; being criticized for their weight, body shape, eating habits; having particular characteristics, such as an anxiety disorder having an obsessive personality, being a perfectionist etc.; having difficult relationship with friends and/or family members; experiencing stressful situations; having particular experiences, such as emotional or sexual abuse etc. (NHS Choices, 2015).
People who have anorexia nervosa try to keep their weight as low as possible by any means. This disorder is characterized by “emaciation, a relentless pursuit of thinness and unwillingness to maintain a normal or healthy weight, a distortion of body image and intense fear of gaining weight, a lack of menstruation among girls and women, and extremely disturbed eating behavior” (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services). People with anorexia nervosa perceive themselves as overweight and try to lose weight resorting to exercising, dieting, misusing diuretics, laxatives, and inducing vomiting. Such serious symptoms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Eating Disorders
...? Eating Disorders Your Psychology 04/23 Why eating disorders are on the rise in the younger generation? " - Trusted Mental Health Information and Support - HealthyPlace." - Trusted Mental Health Information and Support - HealthyPlace. (accessed April 23, 2012). This website gives an introduction about the eating disorders that have been on the rise following the twenty first century in today’s younger generation and in children born after the millennium. As the world became a global village, the rises of McDonald’s and KFC’s junk food have become popular. What was ten years ago...
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Eating disorders
...? Eating Disorders Eating disorders are major psychological conditions that mostly affect young adults and teenagers especially teenage girls. Although there may be several types of eating disorders, the major ones include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge eating disorder. These disorders occur due to a mix of several factors including personal, familial and cultural aspects. This paper will evaluate the major causes of these eating disorders, their prevalence in the population, their diagnosis as well as the recommended interventions and treatments. Introduction The American Psychiatric Association indicates that the two main categorized eating disorders are anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN). However... , there is...
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Eating Disorders
... Eating Disorders Research Question Since the late twentieth century the number of people suffering from eating disorders has greatly increased. The most common among these is anorexia nervosa which is a psychological eating disorder. This disorder is noticed in people of all age groups, all races and it affects both the sexes. Though this disorder is found in all races but its incidence amongst the whites is higher as compared to other races. It is more commonly seen in girls but about ten percent of the cases are boys. It is also seen in all age groups starting from the age of eight years and there have been cases reported of 60 year old people suffering from it. But a higher incidence is reported in teenagers. Anorexia nervosa... is an...
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Eating Disorders
... Eating Disorders Introduction Eating disorders is a term used to refer to different types of unhealthy connections of food and an individual’s weight which negatively impacts an individual’s different parts of life. An individual is recognized to be suffering from eating disorders if his/her eating habits involve excessive eating or eating habits that are insufficient in nature. These changes are accepted by an individual in relation to his/her body image. For example: An individual who images himself as underweight may start eating excessively or may...
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...? Eating Disorders The DSM-IV criterion has categorized three conditions under the heading of eating disorders which includeAnorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). Eating disorders are known to have existed since centuries but these disorders have become a subject of concern owing to the rise in the statistics of the number of people suffering from these conditions. There are many underlying causes that result in eating disorders and the most important causes include genetic factors, family influences as well...
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Eating Disorders
...Eating Disorders One of the most worrying disorders in the modern health industry is the problem of overweight or obesity, and we are living in a culture which puts too much emphasis on thinness as it is regarded as the basic component of physical attractiveness, success, and happiness of modern man. People in the recent years place great importance to their weight and body shape which determine self-image for them. The physicians and health-care professionals in the contemporary world also emphasize the diminution of obesity and the control of eating disorders. One of the most controversial methods of treatment of eating...
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Eating disorders
...Eating disorder Becker, Anne E., Stephen K. Geinspoon, Anne Klibanski, and David B. Herzog. "Eating Disorders." The New England Journal of Medicine 340.14 (1999): 1092-1098. Print. According to the authors, eating disorders are any psychological disorder which is characterized by serious disturbances of eating behavior. The authors argue that around 5 million Americans are suffering from illness associated with eating behaviors. Some of these include anorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorders etc. These disorders are mainly...
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Eating Disorders
...Running Head: Eating Disorders The paper analyses some of the detrimental effects of eating disorders, it has become often to see these problems in the current society because of the evolutionary effects. This paper outlines some of the common habits which may be unhealthy to indulge in. For example, undersize and oversize this in real sense may not be the right body weights as per the attributes of a given individual in the society. Table of contents Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Eating Disorders...
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Eating Disorders
...Eating Disorders Over the years, researchers tried to identify factors, which predispose individuals to developing eating disorders. Among these factors was socio-economic status (SES), whereby proponents asserted that eating disorders were more prevalent amomg females from high social classes. In his 1880 study, Fenwik inferred that individuals from affluent backgrounds were more likely to suffer from anorexia nercosa compared to those from less privileged backgrounds forced to work for their food. Many researchers concurred with Fenwiks presumption; however, it was not until 1980s that opponents sought to negate this presumption. Using...
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Eating Disorders
...Globalization of Eating Disorders Introduction A research by the American Psychiatric Association to examine changes in eating disorders across the demographics in 2008 in comparison to 1998 shows a general globalization of eating disorders. Globalization of eating disorders as used in this paper refers to the increase in the number of people having eating disorders globally from different cultural backgrounds, male and female, young and old. It also features people of different socio-economic background. The research showed that in 1998, eating...
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