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LASA Working Ahead - Essay Example

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Determining a course of professional behavior that avoids ethical misconduct as well as adhering to high aspirational principles demands a commitment to ethical ideals. For one to plan such a course of action, it requires that they have access to the necessary tools, time, as…
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LASA Working Ahead
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Download file to see previous pages They provide an 8 step ethical decision making model for psychologists by expanding on the work of Knapp and Vandecreek. A summary and critical analysis of the ethical decision making provided by Bush et al is discussed below.
The model proposed by Bush et al incorporates the five known steps of the model identified by Knapp and Vandercreek while including the decision making components identified as lacking in the model (Bush, Connell, & Denney, 2006). The eight step model developed by Bush et al aims to provide forensic psychologists with a way of resolving ethical challenges. The first step proposed is identification of the problem. It is vital for forensic psychologists to make a distinction between ethical, moral, legal, and professional perspectives in the professional activities requested of them. By understanding these perspectives, the psychologist may get to clarify the ethical problem or dilemma. Psychologists will gain from specifically understanding what is troubling about a certain situation. The second step is for the psychologist to consider the significance of the context or setting. Forensic psychologists work in multi-varied settings and contexts. Professional activities that are suitable in one forensic context or setting may be inappropriate in others. Concurrently, some professional guidelines that are appropriate in one setup or context may be inappropriate or entirely unsuitable in other situations. The third step in the ethical decision making model may provide the most challenge to forensic psychologists. The third step postulates that psychologists should identify and utilize ethical and legal resources in their decision making. This may prove a challenge as there is a wide array of published resources that may sometimes offer conflicting guidance pertaining to relevant ethical issues in forensic psychology. However, psychologist are likely to find better guidance when using published and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LASA Working Ahead Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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