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Advertising And Its Role In The Enhancing The Sales - Article Example

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The writer of the paper " Advertising And Its Role In The Enhancing The Sales" discusses the fact that advertisement techniques, especially the technique of visual merchandising have not been effective in enhancing the efficiency of product sales exercises…
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Advertising And Its Role In The Enhancing The Sales
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Extract of sample "Advertising And Its Role In The Enhancing The Sales"

Download file to see previous pages Apparently, technical and conceptual frameworks used in making decisions regarding the type of colors to be incorporated on visual display platforms were marred by misconceptions and misinformation (Lauren & Milner, 2005). As a result of misinformed execution of the promotion exercise, the use of bright colors, especially orange, red and pink colors, in enhancing the sales of summer clothes failed to yield desirable outcomes.
Before the background colors on the front display windows of the two leading sales stores were painted orange, revenue from monthly sales amounted to $50,000. Three months after the display platforms were painted orange, average monthly sales stand at $49,700. Undeniably, the use of bright colors in enticing customers to purchase summer clothes is a promotional failure (Lauren & Milner, 2005). Based on this failure premise, it would be recommendable for the management and staff members of the promotions and advertisement section to cease and abort any future promotional exercises involving the use of coloring effects in affecting consumer behaviors during this summer period. In addition, further use of any remaining personnel or financial resources that were meant to facilitate execution of these coloring-effect promotional exercises should either freeze immediately or be remitted back to the issuing department, awaiting further directions.
Prior to commencement of the mentioned visual merchandising exercise, members of the promotions and advertisement staff submitted a report, requesting the chairmanship to allocate specified resources for the exercise. Findings from the report had asserted that bright colors would enhance customer’s moods; hence increasing sales. Actually, one finding from the submitted research report mentioned that in the psychology of colors, bright colors like orange conveys the senses of optimism, and warmth, while dark colors like blue convey the senses of strength and dependability (Smith, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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