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As the virtual child is already 18 years old, much of her experience revolves around education, whereby she is able to self-actualize and express her interests and strivings. Moreover, the important aspect of the virtual experience to be discussed is socialization and quality of…
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MVL Case Study 2 (pre writing)
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Download file to see previous pages Also, we can talk about her intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.
Describing Smile’s maturation process from the physical and behavioral standpoint, we can discuss her physical experiences connected to her coming into the period of puberty. As we could see buy physical signs, the child entered the period of puberty rather early, and here we can describe those physiological indicators of puberty and her behaviors, including interest in boys and romantic relationships. In this section, we can address such concepts as adolescence, early maturation, menarche, sexual maturation, secondary sex characteristics (which are quite visible in Smile), self-esteem and patterns of social behavior (reflected in the case of Smile).
Here, it is crucial to describe all types of after-school activities and pastimes Smile was engaged in, which helped her develop physically and socially: for instance, her experience of camping with her friends and passion for cycling. Thereby, we can refer to concepts of body (dis)satisfaction, obesity, nutrition needs, sports and bad habits in relation to our girl.
Describing the process of development of Smile in connection to Piaget’s theory, one could focus on manifestations of different stages of cognitive development in her, the stage she is currently on, and whether her cognitive development stage complies with the standards. For this, we can refer to the reports on Smile created by the qualified people and mention level of her verbal, communication, spatial and physical abilities in different periods: for instance, we can mention her issues with verbal and word comprehension skills at school and her high level of competency and comprehension in mathematical and quantitative tasks. Such terms as formal operational stage, problem solution skills (which are rather good in Smile), qualitative changes (as it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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