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Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study - Article Example

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Three Muslim students were shot dead in this unpleasant incident. The girl, who was dead, considered growing in the USA was a blessing for her, despite…
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Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study
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"Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages Another article “African-American NASCAR Driver Raced Like A Great Artist” is about Wendell Scott who by profession was a racecar driver and died in the year 1990. Wendell Scott has struggled throughout his career in order to be in the race despite of various barriers faced. Although, Scott faced health issues he had a strong willpower to succeed. Scott was an African American and for this reason, he has faced racial discrimination in his career. However, difference in color never reduced his motivation towards his profession. The article also brings into focus that despite the fact Scott was a good car driver his talent was overlooked by people because of the existence of racial discrimination. Scott during his career faced discrimination a number times for example while racing he attained the top position but due to racial differences he was placed to lower position. His family members worked with him and helped him in managing his profession. He was not a loser but his career ended due to financial crisis. Since past 20 years his existence was not known to anybody but recently was give the name of “A Great Artist” which reveals the story behind an unknown race car driver (1NPR, 2015).
The victims belonged to a Muslim community with dissimilar cultures yet this difference has never affected their learning. The main issue highlighted from this event is that the difference in religion and community still affects the thinking of individuals living in the society. This incident reveals the existence of hate among the people of the USA. The person committing the crime selects the victim based on religion and the nation from which individual belongs. The difference in social group results in such kind of hate crimes. The commitment of this type of crime has a psychological impact not only on the individual who is involved in the crime but also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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