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Altruism Project - Assignment Example

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On the other hand, altruism can be defined as an act of kindness to other people by taking into consideration what ails them and taking the necessary steps to…
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Altruism Project
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Download file to see previous pages There are a number of factors that prompted me to pick this area of service. In the modern dispensation, people are in dire need of help and support from fellow humans. There are calamities and conflicts that affect people to the extent that they are left without help or hope. The subject of altruism puts into context is much relevant to what is happening in the modern dispensation. This area of service was chosen because there is a need of humanity to recognize that the welfare of others in the society is inherently important. Supporting other people or showing concern helps other people to enhance self-actualization and dignity. The society is characterized by inequalities and imbalances to the extent that only an act of altruism fits the gap in terms of meeting the needs and expectations of the people. While altruism is a selfless act, individuals have a moral obligation to show concern and take into consideration other peoples welfare for the purpose of building a coherent society. This area of service was, therefore, picked to demonstrate the significance of altruism in various spheres of life, especially in the modern dispensation where conflicts, social and economic imbalances are inherently alive.
The emotions experienced before, during and after the service are diverse and varied. The emotions before the service did not have much of an impact in the sense that the act did not generate any meaning. Case in point is that the essence of the services was not fully comprehended, and there were mixed feelings concerning altruism. Resonating with certain elements of the service was an inherently difficult issue. However, during the service, the emotions changed to a greater extent. From the outset, it became clear that altruism is an important issue and requires critical consideration. During the service, it became apparent that there is a level of satisfaction that one realizes when engaged in altruism, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Altruism Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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Does True Altruism Exit

...? Does True Altruism Exist? Does True Altruism Exist? Altruism is the quality that moves an individual to offer help to another person who happens to be in need. Altruism is a term coined to define the act of giving or helping others. Psychological studies show that the motivation to help someone in need depend on several factors (Fiske, 2009). Other psychologists have studied the level of giving in society. Understanding the reasons why people give is critical for psychologists (Nier, 2012). The frequency of giving, the cost, and type of need are of great interest to psychologists. Psychologists are out to establish whether true altruism exists....
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...? Assignment Assignment Altruism refers to the practice of showing concern for the welfare of another individual, the opposite of which is beingselfish or self-centered. In other words, it is practiced when someone sacrifices something in order to give it to someone else who might need it more; for example, giving alms and money to the poor. In many cultures around the world, it is considered to be an act of good to donate old clothes, furniture as well as other such household items to those that cannot afford them in order to help them out for their welfare. However, giving away something just for the sake of it, without having the intent to actually make someone else feel better or substantial and sound would not be considered... to be an...
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Altruism in Society Campaign

...Altruism in Society Campaign (Homelessness) The irony of the so called globalization coupled with technological advancement and the presence of a great number of people living in poverty leaves us wondering whether these developments in the society has turned man into a machine who no longer recognizes the feelings of compassion towards other people. These days, only a few individuals are aware of the sufferings of other human beings. Most are driven with self-interest and rely on material possessions for security. They have neglected the fact that there are families who possess nothing and have nowhere to live. Man has become selfish along with the developments in the society. Putting first the interest of others above your own... ...
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...Altruism is a motive to increase another's welfare without conscious regard for one's self-interests and is a behavior that benefits others at a personal cost to the behaving individual (Kerr, Godfrey-Smith, & Feldman 2004; Myers 2008). A classic example of altruism that most of us are familiar with is the behavior that the Good Samaritan exemplified in one of the famous parables. To be able to understand altruism or helping acts, it is very important to know why people help. There are three main perspectives that will explain helping behavior. These are the social-exchange theory, social norms theory, and evolutionary theory. First, let's consider the social-exchange theory. According...
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2.Egoism and Altruism

...Psychological Egoism Vis-À-Vis Self-Interest Perhaps one of the most controversial issues in sociology is the issue of psychological egoism. It is quite difficult to depict which act is purely altruistic and which one is psychologically egoistic. According to psychological egoism, at least some form of self-interest drives all our acts (Surhone, Timpledon,  & Marseken, 2010). There are two great examples of people who acted not out of self-interest but due to their love for others. The first example is Mother Teresa. Whereas Mother Teresa dedicated all her life in support and care for humanity, it is hard to argue that all that she did was out of self-interest. In fact, she is considered as one of the most selfless people to ever... Egoism...
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Prosocial Behavior and Altruism

...Pro-social Behavior and Altruism According to Kenrick , pro-social behavior can be described as a situation where we tend to help another person. My son and his girlfriend were expecting a baby and they did not have a place to live, a job to do nor did they have a car as a means of transport, in addition to that they were using drugs. My husband and I decided to come to their aid and helped them to get to their feet by getting them their own place to live in and they also managed to get into the Suboxone treatment center. Suboxone can be described as a medication that is given to addicts so as to help them reduce on the use of opiate. The medication is composed of buprenorphine hydrochloride, which helps to reduce...
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The Act of Altruism

... The Act of Altruism Introduction What is it that drives individuals offer their time, energy, and money to help others, even when they do not get anything tangible in return? Altruism is a belief in acting for others good: The belief that acting for the benefit of others is right and good (Encarta, 2010). Everyday life overflows with minute acts of altruism, from the person at a restaurant who pays bills for a couple she has never met, to the lady who buys a homeless guy some fast foods, gives him money and a sleeping bag. In other words, we “pay it forward”. In this paper we shall discuss the act of altruism under the following... ...
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Ethical Egoism and Altruism

...Ethical Egoism and Altruism In 2011, a truck ran over a Chinese girl. Passersby in a busy Chinese market ignored her. A van driver, who proceeded to run over her after realizing his action, hit the two year old. A number of passersby ignored the two year old as she lay in agony and pain. The apparent indifference of the passersby meant that she run over by another truck driver (Branigan, 2011). Surveillance footage showed that the two-year-old lay on the ground for seven minutes before anybody offered help. She was rushed to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. The fate of the two year old promoted soul searching all over China. The widespread reluctant to offer assistance to strangers in China has prompted...
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Altruism Project

...Altruism Image: act of altruism Introduction Naturally, human beings will display a range of behaviors depending on the various situations that they find others or themselves in. Not only once, twice nor even thrice has each and every person come across a situation whereby voluntary help is needed. This may come in the form of getting people, even the ones not known to them, in problems; however, the manner in which they react will be very different. The dark conscience inside of them will prompt them to make at least an effort of helping the victims - a prosocial behavior. At some point, the prosocial behavior comes in the form of helping someone with much risks involved. For example, diving into fast...
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Altruism Project

... A voluntary day in the library For any human, it is a critical factor to consider living in a way that improves bothyour life and that of others. That includes periodic self-assessment that will give an insight to what you have been doing to make the life of humans comfortable, to betterment of the overall existence of other human beings (Paul and Elder, 7). As such, I chose to take a day and volunteer in the library for a day, helping people the entire day. In this, I could feel that was taking part in the selfless act of improving the life of others by offering a helping hand. The library regularly opens at eight in the morning. I had made a volunteering request that I had been gladly awarded. The chief librarian called... A voluntary day...
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