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Behavioral Assessment: The Beck Depression Inventory - Essay Example

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It does so by measuring and gauging with utmost precision, the kind of attitudes, and any other symptoms that may lead to depression in…
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Behavioral Assessment: The Beck Depression Inventory
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Download file to see previous pages In the past society, the mental healthcare providers and professionals gauged and treated the mental illnesses and conditions from an empirical perspective. This is to say that they gave a lot of attention and focus on the psychodynamics other than according the feelings and attitudes of the patient the weight and attention it deserved. As a matter of fact and principle, the Beck Depression Inventory, was designed to ensure that the mental examination was patient centered and focus solely on the patient and his or her own thoughts. In the same line of thought and argument, the Beck Depression Inventory is designed and specifically made for patients of the age of thirteen and above. Some of the questions and benchmarks that this technique is bordered on is around the aspects, of irritability and hopelessness, feelings of cognitive nature such as stress and guilt.
On the physical aspect, the questions in a Beck Depression Inventory, also seem to inquire on the severity of the stressful conditions on the physical aspects of the person. For instance, if the questions that strive to know if the stress makes the person feel fatigued, loss of interest in sex or if there is weight loss on the part of the patient, amongst many subsequent years, there has been a change and improvement on the composition of Beck Depression Inventory. The very first one was designed in the year 1961, in 1978, it was revised and then in 1996, it was published as an improved version. Thus, it would be safe to assert that the latest version is more comprehensive and exhaustive in terms of the area of coverage as compared to the other versions. At this level and stage, it is of interest to note that a clinical psychologist Maria Kovacs designed and published the Beck Depression Inventory, in the year 1979, to be used as a children depression analysis tool and technique (Bumberry, Oliver & McClure, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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