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Life event - Assignment Example

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My father kicked me out of our house. The main thing that triggered all this according to me was the fact that my father moved in with my stepmother, and since she was pregnant, there was a…
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Life event
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Download file to see previous pages After my dad had learned of this incidence, he sent me to my room for sometimes and later came barging in and broke my desk to pieces. All did not go well between my father and me and after nine months here came my step sister. With the pressure to get her a room in our small house, I became the sacrificial lamb and was chased out of the house.
My life event has its roots from when I was three months old. At this age, a child is usually in the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development. Sensorimotor is the initial cognitive development stage. Sensorimotor, as the name implies, assists the infants to understand all the senses. It ranges from when a child is born to at least two years of age. It has six sub-stages. The contact of a child in this stage with the world is highly dependent on the movements and sensations they experience. When they come across a new thing or rather object, they probably shake it, put it in their mouth or throw it. The main avenue to understanding things is by trial and error (Staddon, 2001). At the middle of the stage, the child seems to understand the aspect of object permanence. Piaget claims that an individual in this stage processes thought from sensory experiences through physical actions to comprehend their surrounding without judgment. It is at this stage that my parents divorced, but dad was good to me and took good care of me.
Everything changes when my dad decides to remarry when I am eight years old. At his time, I was in the concrete operational stage of cognitive development. Concrete Operational is the third stage in cognitive development and last when a child is seven years to eleven years. They become less egocentric and start to view and understand things from other people’s perspectives. They use operation in thinking during concrete situation. Unlike in the first stage, a child can now comprehend conversation. At this stage, however, children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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