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Students Health Behaviour - Dissertation - Essay Example

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I sincerely thank my lecturers for the encouragement and support they offered during this mission. I have deep gratitude to my tutor who provided the needed ideas and assisted in laying background for the…
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Students Health Behaviour - Dissertation
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Download file to see previous pages The study sampled (N=80) both male and female students who studying third year at the university of Huddersfield in 2014. The questionnaire given to group about health behaviours that was designed to measure the frequency at which they consumed certain food types or practised specific health behaviours such as physical activities, sleeping patterns, alcohol or tobacco use, use of stress management skills, conducting regular medical check-ups, intake of balanced diet foods, maintaining good family life and maintaining a state of good mental health just to mention a few.
Life in high places of learning forms part of the major transition period in which students develop health related manners (Baum, 1997). University life is characterised by numerous demands and classroom stresses (Berry, 2004). Buckworth and Buckworth (2013) assert that over 75% of students in the university ranked stress echelons as either high or extremely high. In another research, Clark (2005) found that 82% of students in the university reported adequate moods of stress. Life in college is a season that is a characterised by a need to be independent, initiative and self-control of own ideas and general behaviour (Bogousslavsky, & Cummings, 2000). While at the university, students face numerous challenges which include academics and regulation of fitness manners in an environment that is rich of peer influence (Crisp, 2010). Although several researchers have researched on challenges of a student in the university such as alcohol consumption, rest time, leisure and stress, there is little research on how these factors affect health behaviours of the victims as well as future generation (Weiner & Craighead, 2010). Health behaviour can be defined in numerous ways depending on the context in which it is used (Davidson, Scherer & Goldsmith, 2003). For purposes of this research paper, health behaviour shall be defined as an initiative undertaken by someone to uphold, accomplish ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Students Health Behaviour - Dissertation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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