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Psychodynamic Theories Brochure - 405 - Assignment Example

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An individual`s personality is characterized by the feelings, thoughts and also behaviors acquired by an individual which makes him/her distinct from others. Personality is determined via consistent behavioral patterns reflected by an individual. Psychodynamics, in turn, is more…
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Psychodynamic Theories Brochure - 405
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Download file to see previous pages The term psychodynamics was first used by Sigmund Freud who put forth the psychoanalytical approach to dealing with personality issues, a theory which would be discussed further.
Freud applied the laws of dynamics to psychology and conveniently managed to explore various dimensions about human personality. According to Freud, a dynamic psychology comes forward after various transformations i.e. energy exchanges in the personality of an individual. According to Freud, there are three forces which determine the personality of an individual, i.e. the id, ego and also the superego. These three forces interact amongst one another based on human experiences to determine the personality. Thus, Freud tends to interpret and elaborate the human personality and behaviors exhibited by humans in terms of innate emotions. While talking about ‘engines of human behavior’ Freud especially referred to instinct or rather drive to explain these emotions (Hall, Lindzey & Campbell 1998).
Carl Jung was following the work of Freud based on which he came up with his own presumptions regarding theoretical understanding of personality. Jung was of the view that one`s psyche tends to contribute towards wholeness in an individual`s personality. Also, he argued that the self is rather a product of ego, which is the unconscious mind of an individual, also called as the collective consciousness. In turn, the collective consciousness is characterized by archetypes. These archetypes arise as a result of dynamic tensions which occur spontaneously in an individual to form the collective psyche. These archetypes can be explained as energies which instill dynamic characteristics in a human psyche, the effects of which are manifested in various forms. Carl Jung also came up with the concept of the transcendent function which implies that when the third one emerges, it results in a split between the dynamic tensions polar in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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