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Gender Identity - Research Paper Example

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Gender identity is regarded within Biopsychology basing on the functioning of sexual organs (Wickens, 2005). Research in brain composition and qualities found out that the…
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Gender Identity Paper
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Download file to see previous pages nnected peculiarities may be the result of parental exposure to excess male sex hormones, androgens, which speed up the process of development of right hemisphere. At the same time the work of the left hemisphere was violated (Oerter& Montada, 2002). Another experimental research point that women are more developed in verbal performance and have better coordination at the time when the level of female sex hormones, estrogens, in blood is higher than normal. On the contrary, tasks on space orientation are performed by women better with lower hormone level (Wickens, 2005).
Similarly, evidence from at least one study suggests that women show better results in the multitasking during periods when their production of the female sex hormones, estrogen, is relatively high, which can be explained by natural requirement of child raising.. In contrast, they are considerably more successful in tasks involving logical reasoning when their estrogen level is relatively low (Wickens, 2005).Men seems to have direct influence of sex hormones on their behavior, Aggressiveness outbreaks correlate with high level of androgens in blood and peaceful mood is prevalent when the level of hormones is relatively low (Wickens, 2005).
The researches still argue regarding the degree to which biological factors influence sex peculiarities but there exists high probability that these factors will be able to explain male and female behavioral patterns differences. Nevertheless, it was revealed that hypothalamus and amygdala are the most important parts of the brain which define the peculiarities in psychology of men and women (Wickens, 2005).
There is also strong evidence that environmental factors also cause sex and gender differences. As these factors can be altered the influence of sex stereotyping can be reduced on gender issues. Since early childhood boys and girls are exposed to different worlds in even completely different colors. It also starts with clothes and toys, where boys ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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