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Why is it difficult to define intelligence - Essay Example

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This is because there are so many varieties of intelligence that are exhibited by human beings. Some of the different kinds of intelligence that are recognized include…
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Why is it difficult to define intelligence
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Download file to see previous pages In general, the demonstration of intelligence involves being capable of reasoning in an effective way. IQ tests are, today, recognized as one way of determining the extent of intelligence that people are endowed with. Scholars have asserted that it can be stated that intelligence is what allows people in different cultures to be able to solve problems, generate genuine relationships, and learn how to adapt to different situations in their particular circumstances. This is what is likely to result in the achievement of fulfillment, and success in any given culture.
There are different theories that have been generated to explain the incidence of human intelligence (Chamorro-Premuzic and Furnham, 17). Each theory is spearheaded by a scholar who has conducted studies to determine its validity in assorted cultures. Scholars have reached a consensus on how to define various theories on intelligence (Choi, Shamosh, Cho, DeYoung, Lee, Lee, Kim, Cho, Kim, Gray, and Ho Lee, 10327). For instance, most scholars agree that crystallized intelligence is an expression used to describe knowledge that has been accumulated over long periods of time (DeYoung, Shamosh, Green, Braver, and Gray, 891). It is also recognized that fluid intelligence refers to the human ability to be able to work out abstract problems. Charles Spearman contended that intelligence is something that can be transmitted through a singular aspect (Duckworth, 279). He championed the use of factor analysis- a technique that allows individuals to be able to use multiple items in the process and interconnect them, so that they become a singular number (Mayer, Roberts, and Barsade, 512). He asserted that intelligence can be perceived as being a singular number- generalized intelligence, which was also referred to as ‘g’ (Goertzel, 62).
Howard Gardner was a scholar who felt that human intelligence could be demonstrated through different ways, proving that all people were in some way intelligent (Macintosh, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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