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The broad survey area research includes any measurement procedures involving getting answers from questions directed to respondents.
Survey research is used to gather information about the issues…
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Social Psychology Concept Matrix
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"Social Psychology Concept Matrix"

Download file to see previous pages For example, survey research can be applied by the police in finding out the number of rape cases that go unreported.
Self-esteem is an endearing and subjective sense of realistic self-approval based on self-perception that is accurate. It is a reflection of how an individual values and views oneself at the most fundamental levels of psychological experience.
Low self-esteem can be blamed for a wide variety of ills in the society, ranging from marital discord and poor academic performance to drug abuse and violent crime. On the other hand, high self-esteem does not offer the society immunity against bad behavior. People with high self-esteem who combine violence with preening self-satisfaction belie the power of a person to ameliorate another.
Since crime is associated with self-esteem issues, the boosting of self- esteem in individuals can reduce crime rates. A majority of offenders who commit crimes do it as a result of low self-esteem. For example, bullies do harm to others due to low self –esteem. Someone with high self-esteem is unlikely to bully others.
Self-esteem is related to happiness, with high self-esteem being associated with happiness while low self-esteem associated with depression feelings. People with high self-esteem are less likely to respond to failure with giving up than those with high self-esteem. For example, people with high self-esteem possess a wide variety of interpersonal skills that make them appealing to others.
Self-handicapping can be defined as the process actively creating or seeking situations that interfere with performance, thus creating an explanation for possible failure outside of individual ability attributions.
In collectivist societies, self-handicapping may be motivated by the need to manage impressions and protect public esteem. In individualistic societies, it might be as a result of the need to protect private self-esteem. For instance, some individuals may impede their own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Psychology Concept Matrix Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1)
Social Psychology Concept Matrix Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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