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The Psychology Of Human Creativity - Essay Example

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Creativity is the ability to think outside the conventional parameters and to experience one's environment in an imaginative way. The paper "The Psychology Of Human Creativity" discusses a functional perspective of creativity in view of how it can solve problems or help one deal with issues…
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The Psychology Of Human Creativity
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Extract of sample "The Psychology Of Human Creativity"

Download file to see previous pages Creativity entails a tendency to generate or recognizes ideas alternatives and possibilities, which can be applied in problem-solving or communication with others (396). I found this definition to be in line with my own.
In my life, I believe creativity often surfaces when I am faced with unusual situations that call for me to be innovative and think outside the box, sometimes, it emerges when I am under pressure to do something, and not all the conventional methods produce the desired result. I remember an incident when I was in high school, and my creative writing teacher told us to construct a sentence using the word flummoxed. We had no idea what the word means, and we were given 30 seconds in which to do it. After realizing that none of my word attack skills was going to get me an answer, I wrote, the sentence “Flummox is not a very common word in most high school students vocabulary”. The teacher said that was not the way to construct sentences, but she gave me a mark because I had used my imagination where less none of my classmates had. My creative process is dictated by circumstances and managing it is more often than not a subconscious activity. For instance, there are times I am bursting with new ideas when I cannot apply them, sometimes I come up with what I feel are incredible storylines for creative writing essays, and shorts stories when am in the bus or shower but forget them almost instantly.
Conversely, at times when I am required to apply my creativity in class or when I want to write a story, I can find myself lost and unable to come up who anything. As such, I try as often as possible to carry a notebook and jot down my ideas, which I then study at leisure. I get my creativity from my open-mindedness, which allows me to see things in different perspectives and frees me from the parameters often imposed by closed-mindedness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Psychology Of Human Creativity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
The Psychology Of Human Creativity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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