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The Whole Wide World With People from All Walks of Life - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay explores the whole wide world out there with people from all walks of life who have greater problems, challenges, trials, and difficulties that range from the curtailment of human rights to poverty, hunger, war, and disease. The mixed cultural backgrounds could be put into beneficial use…
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The Whole Wide World With People from All Walks of Life
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Download file to see previous pages The United Arab Emirates, the land of my father, from the Bedouin tribes, has increasingly been known to be a bustling business hub on a global scale. Negating the complete serenity and peaceful ambiance of Norway, my residence in Dubai is near the commercial district. The only similarity shared with my home in Norway is its location near another visible body of water, the Al Sufouh Beach. The distance and disparity in cultural heritage contributed to my personal confusion in terms of adhering to either a social belief of one parent or the religious doctrines of another. Free will, therefore, has been an ethical dilemma that I faced growing up with open-minded thinking instilled into me by one parent, whilst the other has imposed strict restrictions and routines to keep my life on a track deemed to be most suitable for my family. There was a mixed feeling of anxiety, isolation, and depression. I was confused by two mindsets: a conservative Muslim father and an open-minded and love filled mother. I was somewhere in between. And this experience I have gone through is still evident within the friends and family members that have gone through the same path. With both nationalities having a completely different set of values and traditions, I was left in between. Due to diverse options and interests that I share with my siblings (having 5 brothers and 6 sisters), we frequently traverse the immense blue sea and share the deepest passion in exploring the secrets of the desert. There is this particular trait that exemplifies preference for individuality and isolation, as evident from relishing reflective moments through viewing the magnificent golden sunset amidst the ravishing blue skies as it seems to meet the sublime seas in the horizon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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