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It is an overwhelming worry of a specific situation or object, such as injuries involving blood, highway driving, flying, heights, dogs or snakes. Therefore, someone develops intense fear and hence can…
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Anxiety disorder
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"Anxiety disorder"

Download file to see previous pages This is as a result of the fear of being embarrassed, ridiculed or judged by other people publicly. Blushing, difficulty in speaking and sweating are some of the physical manifestation of social anxiety disorder (Boeree, 2006 &, 2005).
Agoraphobia: This is the fear of being in a place where escape is difficult or unavailable. Such a situation may increase the chances of having a panic attack. As a result of this therefore, the sufferer may try as much as possible to avoid such situations like public places. This is because such places may lead to panic attack due to embarrassment or helpless traps somewhere. They instead choose to be confined in their home places where they feel safe. Some of the symptoms of Agoraphobia include; stomach upset, accelerated heart beat, sweating, ringing in the ears and trembling, among others (Boeree, 2006 &, 2005).
Generalized anxiety disorder: This is characterized by intense fear and anxiety that is persistent for more than six months. The fears are associated with irritability, poor concentration, muscle tension, fatigue, sleeplessness, trembling, headaches, sweating and restlessness. People with Generalized anxiety disorder anticipate disaster and usually have much concern about money, problems at work or health and family issues. Severe generalized anxiety disorder interferes with a person’s daily activities and responsibilities. Childhood and middle age are the ages at the highest risk of this disorder (, 2010).
Obsessive-compulsive disorder: People with this disorder have persistent thoughts, ideas, images or impulses that are perceived as inappropriate leading to distress or anxiety (obsessions) and often have repetitive behaviors in order to control the anxiety that these thoughts produce e.g. washing hands for people obsessed with dirt or germs, checking, counting and touching things repeatedly (compulsions). In most cases these behaviors have no pleasure or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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General Anxiety Disorder: Effective Treatments
There are nearly seven million adults in the United States alone that currently experience symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). GAD involves excessive worry over past and future scenarios with a variety of clinical and cognitive-based symptoms that radically affect the individual’s ability to cope with life effectively or manage themselves according to proper social norms in the social environment.
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The topic that I have chosen to research is Anxiety Disorder (also called angst or worry)
Anybody can fall a victim to anxiety disorders (which may also be termed as angst or worry), and so everybody must be made aware of the fact that he/she can defeat it if proper treatment techniques and regimens are followed. The illness can go uncontrolled and turn into a prominent health hazard around the world.
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Anxiety disorder Essay
Although the prevalence rates are less in comparison to those of adolescents and adults, frequently counselors in the school end up getting such patients in the school, and therefore an understanding of the clinical issues related to the presentation and treatment of these disorders becomes important.
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Psychological versus pharmacological interventions for anxiety disorder
The main symptoms of panic disorder are faintness, instability of feelings, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath, nausea or distress, headaches or chest pains, paresthesias or inadequate emotional reactions, associated with fear of death or ‘crazy’ or inappropriate acts (Bushnell, 1998).
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Anxiety disorder
People can become afraid of almost anything there is to be afraid of, with the phobia list naming phobias of almost anything you could think of. If there is something in this world, somebody somewhere is afraid of it, and without cause. A pencil is not really going to hurt
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Generalized anxiety disorder
(Robins and Regier, 1991) For this study, the researcher will examine the possible causes of GAD followed by determining its common symptoms. Eventually, the researcher will discuss the available treaments
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Generalized anxiety disorder
A psychological theory explains that generalized anxiety disorder is a natural response of the body to certain environmental stressors. Isolation is another potential cause of
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General anxiety disorder
That is all part of normal apprehension, but severe ongoing stressful worrying stands as a sign of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Psychologists simply define GAD as the situation in which a person extremely worries almost about everything and it interferes with the normal
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With reference to a specific anxiety disorder, critically evaluate two contrasting ap-proaches
One, anxiety disorder is treated with pharmacotherapy. Second, anxiety disorders are treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) (Antony & Swinson, 1996). Panic disorder is diagnosed by the prevalence of persistence panic attacks, prolonged fear, and
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Social Anxiety Disorder
B. The roots of the disorder lie in human fear of being estimated by other people, so people that suffer from social anxiety usually consider themselves as not good enough to be accepted by others and are in panic fear when they need to
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