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Conformity/Obedience/Online Research - Essay Example

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The main ideology that encompasses conformity is ensuring an individual is comfortable with a though or concept from another person. Teresa…
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Conformity/Obedience/Online Research
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Download file to see previous pages It entails creating a valid perspective based on a topic or concept that a person will consider as valid, hence making them conform to the idea. For example, a salesperson focuses on selling a product; hence, he will convince a consumer to buy a product. In this case, he will apply the nature of convincing a consumer on whether he or she should buy a product. The example illustrates how persuasion can influence a person into conforming to the idea of buying a product eventually buying product. (Forgas, 2001)
Another factor is addressing a persons needs. This factor of conformity is evident when people are employed. A manager can seek to keep an indispensable employee; hence, they will promote them to a bigger or better position in the firm because the employee wants a better job. In this case, the manager uses the employees need for a better as a means of making them (employee) conform to staying with the company. It illustrates how conformity is applied with the aim of ensuring that the person with the idea will benefit in some form or another.
Obedience occurs when a person has a lot more to lose than gain based on a given situation. This is evident in the employment industry, when employees may be threatened by managers. Therefore, obedience occurs when some form of authority is executed to make an individual submit to a requirement. For obedience to occur there needs to be a situation in which a person has a lot to lose than he has to offer (authority).
In relation to employment, employees are usually forced to obey their employers because they always hold the advantage (the employers) that they can fire an employee, any time (Hodges, 2006). This element of authority forces employees to obey their employers regardless of the situation. The same case applies when an employee is seeking a raise or promotion. For example, an employee can seek promotion, and the manager will tell them that they must reach a certain target in order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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