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Statistics for Counseling and Program Evaluation - Research Paper Example

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The article in question is essentially in response to the criticisms raised by lent et al (2010) to a previous attempt by the authors (Armstrong and Vogel, 2009) to provide with alternative theoretical models to the vocational counseling framework. This article is mostly…
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Statistics for Counseling and Program Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages While a majority of the correlations documented are linear uni-variate correlations; it is also important to note that correlation can also be measured between three or more variables.
Correlation is a statistical technique that helps us understand the relationships between different variables, all of which may be affecting a given situation. Strong statistical relationships between variables will allow us to assume covariance; an assumption that forms the base of a number of statistical techniques that are used in vocational decision making. The non – existence of significant amounts of correlation point to the relative independence of the factors under study; and help us differentiate those of the many factors that affect the vocational counseling situation into clusters that do relate to each other.
Regression analysis: In order to make a statistical prediction, one uses a regression analysis. The statistic helps us estimate the extent to which a said outcome will occur on the population; given the correlation between variables at hand; and the information available to us. Regression analysis is again a linear statistic; and in the vocational arena, multivariate regression is often a statistic of choice.
On the basis of these statistical predictions, it is possible to predict a number of things that vocational counseling takes interest in. success or failure at a chosen course, the students reaction to certain aspects of the course of choice, the choice of study courses itself – are all factors that we are interested in predicting. Regression analysis also helps us take counseling decisions for clients and help them make informed choices of the alternatives available to them.
Analysis of Co-variance: The ANCOVA, or Analysis of Co-variance is a technique that is extremely helpful in counselling and vocational set-ups. This statistic helps us in identifying the extent to which a relationship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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