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The Social Environment and Human Behavior - Essay Example

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The article casts light upon the role of the social environment during the pregnancy on the example of Raul's mother. Also, the author describes the behaviour of a pregnant woman in different life situations and that such aspects as age, poverty, cultural aspects and lack of family support influence her…
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The Social Environment and Human Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the red flags during her pregnancies include her increasing stress manifested in her problem on nerves, coupled with poverty, youth, and lack of education and increasing frequency of childbirth. These were a source of potential problems because taken individually, each of these red flags presented more or less a barrier or impediment on the part of the mother to successfully provide her young children the proper care and attention. Taken together, they would have a cumulative effect on the deterioration of child care and attention the mother may be capable of providing, causing pronounced psychological and behavioral problems among her very young children.
While Raul was still an infant, Raul’s mother already became pregnant with Maria, since only one year separates the two births. When Raul was eighteen months old, Mrs. Salazar experienced an episode of not being able to get out of bed following news of her brother’s death in a car accident, and thus she must have neglected to a great extent to provide the proper care for her infant son.
Her condition must have affected her pregnancy to some extent because she gave birth prematurely to Maria. Shortly after Maria’s birth, Mr. Salazar was dismissed from his job, causing her great stress purportedly due to money worries. Also, four months after Maria was born, Mrs. Salazar experienced a seizure disorder, which was similar to a history of fainting and other seizure-like episodes during her teenage years. These biological and physical changes must have prevented Mrs. Salazar from caring for her two youngest children, and with the birth of Maria, Raul must have been neglected more than ever before. This, coupled with a lack of nurturing support and understanding from his disciplinarian, short-tempered father, would surely have impacted negatively on Raul’s upbringing, performance in school, and subsequent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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