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Social, Developmental and Behavioral Theoriesin Family Therapy - Essay Example

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The author describes family therapy on the example of a certain family in which mother came in to discuss problems with her youngest child who misbehaves in the home and at school. The author examines three theories which are used during therapy, social, developmental and behavioral theories …
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Social, Developmental and Behavioral Theoriesin Family Therapy
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Download file to see previous pages This is what integrative medicine is all about and a major part of this new medical philosophy is the concept of self-healing or what is called as collaborative medicine.
In this relatively new field, a patient takes ownership or control of his own treatment process. “Your health is in your hands”, said Ester R. Shapiro, Ph.D. A patients response to an illness determines the course of an illness and drawing the support of family and community will help the healing process. Personal values and beliefs influence an illness and those who feel a sense of control get better than those who do not (Weisman & Berman 2003, p. 27).
This is the same concept applied in family therapies although the approach can differ. Generally, it is the caseworker or therapist who assesses the family situation and is primarily the change agent. The rest of how effective a treatment course it will depend on individual family members responses. Most psychologists today view emotional problems from family perspectives and not as individual pathologies. In sum, family therapy views the family as an organization and most individual problems due to flaws in a family's organizational structural design. Therapy objective is to alter these family structures (Hecker & Wetchler 2003, p. 63).
Family therapy is most effective when all the family members attend and the sessions are long enough to resolve all problems uncovered. The things to expect in a session like this are learning how the basic family unit functions as a social system, what are the patterns of communications within it and the influence of extended family members on each individual. In short, family therapy sessions can be a real eye-opener for some such as learning what their strengths are, the behavioral changes needed, identify unresolved conflicts within the family and how to lower the stress levels for a family member identified to have a problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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