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LOG502 MoD 5 SLP Assignement (Logistics Design Alternatives) - Essay Example

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It has got its business spread across in various parts of world with its operations wide spread in different countries. The company has made sure that they have efficient and good quality control…
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LOG502 MoD 5 SLP Assignement (Logistics Design Alternatives)
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Download file to see previous pages The global market has become highly turbulent and competitive in most of the industries. In mobile industry there are many companies who have come up strongly and created a good impact in the global market. There is huge amount of competition in these industries with many major players like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc. The logistics system used by Nokia globally to have a competitive advantage over others is very agile (Schroeder 45-48). The agile supply chain and logistics system does allow the company to be flexible and also adapt to the changes in a quick time. This type of logistics system is been used basically to have a good response to the changes in demand in the market. The main focus of this logistic system is to have a good method of reaching to the customers and providing the customers the correct model at the correct time (Slack, Chambers and Johnston 89-94). In agile system of logistics the system is more dependent on the demand system than on forecast-demand. The extensive sharing of information among the suppliers and the buyers does create a lot of information for the company and as a result the inventory is filled with more of information than physical items (Branch 64-73).
Nokia does use the best of information system and automated systems to make sure that they have a good communication with all the members of the supply chain network to make sure that they keep getting the information both about the products and also about the market de3mand on a continuous basis (Meindl and Chopra 45-53). This helps in a building a good level of integration among the partners of the entire logistics system. The distribution network used by the company is very extensive as it has got its warehouse and offices present in all the major cities across the world (Collin and Lorenzin, 43-49). From these warehouses the products are been send to all the retailers and the distributors based on the demand of each individual product (Waters 123-127). The mobile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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