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A Significant Role in Development of the Future - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper describes the modern principles of financial management. However, I believe the time value of the money as the most important concept in financial decision-making because it provides financial institutions with the ability to compensate for inflation…
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A Significant Role in Development of the Future
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership is an influence which we practice on others. I somehow understand myself as an effective leader because I exercised leadership when my father passed away during my early years. However, as I was the elder brother, therefore, I had to take the responsibility of taking care of my junior siblings because; my mother cannot supposedly take care of all the aspects of grooming my brothers. Because of this reason, I took on the role of father for my brothers and therefore, they looked up to me for inspiration. However, with the passage of time, my siblings became wound up in an old social setup of Qatar. In this point of time, I consider it as my due responsibility to inspire them towards education. Nevertheless, the true way of achieving the above-mentioned goal is to work-hard in glorifying my academic career, so that my relatives can understand the importance and power of education. At the same time, I am seriously planning to become an influential and modern politician of my country because I identify as the government with the power to change the culture and mindset of my people. Thus, in this way the government can impress my people towards hard-work. On the other hand, my country is behind in terms of technological development, because, my country does not have technology-oriented leadership. Therefore, I am looking forward to developing myself as an effective modern leader, who can lead the people towards a meaningful international existence in the future. However, we cannot predict the future but, I have been able to explain my vision by the mean of this application. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Significant Role in Development of the Future Admission/Application Essay - 3.
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