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Importance Role of Cooperation in Achievement of Goals - Essay Example

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This essay describes importance role of cooperation in the achievement of goals. In this regard, we all need to cooperate with others. It is pertinent to point out that this principle of cooperation is applicable in many aspects of life as this essay elucidates…
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Importance Role of Cooperation in Achievement of Goals
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"Importance Role of Cooperation in Achievement of Goals"

Download file to see previous pages Graduating from school with satisfactory grades was one of the most important goals I have achieved that exemplifies the importance of cooperation. I always registered poor grades prior to my final examination. Thus, I realized that I had to take action in order to achieve decent grades in my final examination. Coincidentally, three of my classmates realized the need to improve their grades and we eventually became a team when doing our revision in order to achieve our individual goals. In this regard, we came up with a program that would help us come together to revise and teach each other what we independently knew. In addition, we could help each other improve essays that we wrote in class in order to make them better. Furthermore, we could ask for teachers on tips that we could use for effective group work, in different subjects, in order to achieve that common goal that we so desired. Eventually, we became better each passing day and our grades ultimately improved through cooperating with each other in revision. In order to achieve our individual goals, we had to cooperate and learn a lesson from small creatures like wasps, ants, bees, and other similar creatures. These diminutive creatures epitomize the importance of cooperation, which is a lesson we can learn as human beings. In this regard, these tiny creatures teach us the fundamental aspect of unity for a common goal. Therefore, we had to unite in order to achieve the common goal of improving our grades towards the final examination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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