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Displeasure of Canadians over the Suspension of Parliament by the Prime Minister - Admission/Application Essay Example

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From the paper "Displeasure of Canadians over the Suspension of Parliament by the Prime Minister" it is clear that the actions of Prime Minister to suspend the parliament are against the basic and fundamental rights of all Canadians and comprise the liberty of all the citizens of the State…
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Displeasure of Canadians over the Suspension of Parliament by the Prime Minister
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Extract of sample "Displeasure of Canadians over the Suspension of Parliament by the Prime Minister"

Download file to see previous pages I would rather focus on this act from the perspective of Happiness and how this act might have failed to achieve the relative degree of happiness for all the Canadians. Earlier political theorists such as Marx as well as Locke focused most on how our ethical individual living can formulate our collective thinking and style of living in a given society. However, these political theories lacked an important element of how individuals should act and behave within a society based on the philosophy of utilitarianism. I believe that the issue of Parliament suspension shall also be viewed from this perspective and its consequences shall be explored from the perspective of how actually this action has resulted into the happiness of the citizens of the State or not. This issue, therefore, requires a wider understanding of the deep-rooted political philosophy of the modern world.
John Stuart Mill’s Political philosophy has been based on the assumption that the role of government shall be to provide the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. In a sense, utilitarianism very clearly advocates only those actions which can endorse the happiness for the greatest number of people regardless of the consequences of the actions. Thus an action can be considered as ethically correct and right if it results into the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people and as such, both favorable and unfavorable actions are therefore based on how much happiness they can bring in to the greatest number of people. Though defining happiness exactly may not be an easy task as it includes a variety of things which can potentially bring happiness for the individuals and society. In a society which is fast becoming a diverse society with different values and visions, it may not be exactly possible to promote the happiness of them all, however, still, democracy represents the brightest hope for the individuals to achieve this end and ensure that their liberty is protected. The action of the Prime Minister to suspend the parliament and the subsequent results of the polls indicate that Canadians generally are not happy with this decision.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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