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President Obama Immigration Reforms - Essay Example

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The author concludes that illegal immigration is a problem that has persisted in America for long. Governments have promised the citizens that immigration reforms would be passed to no avail. However, it is seen that immigration is causing social and economic problems in the country…
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President Obama Immigration Reforms
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Extract of sample "President Obama Immigration Reforms"

Download file to see previous pages The contention has degenerated to the point where President Obama is determined to use an executive order to bypass Congress in pushing through the reforms.
Illegal immigration will not be stopped by offering an enabling environment for immigrants. The solution to illegal immigrants is ensuring that they do not enter the country. Boarders should be monitored all the time to ensure that no immigrant enter the country illegally. Clear and robust immigration reforms such as extensive border patrol, will offer a real solution to immigration. Advocates of the government’s immigration laws argue that granting temporary work permits to immigrants will reduce enhance their social status and enable them to fend for their families.
According to the president, everyone in America is indebted to the hospital nature of the country and thus should support the immigrants in getting employment. The move will also eliminate the risk of deportation for migrants who have stayed in the country for a period exceeding five years and have children born in the country. However, the immigration crisis is likely to worsen if the government continues with its plan to enforce the planned policies.
Immigration is both a social and economic problem. As such, the country should address the crisis with consideration of the economic and social aspects. Allowing the illegal immigrants to get work permits is likely to increase the rate of unemployment and hence lead to resentment of immigrants. The United States unemployment rate stands slightly below 6% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, n.p). Thus, giving over 4 million immigrants work permits would increase the rate of unemployment in the country. The situation will hurt American job seekers with skills. 
The government asserts that recognizing immigrants is a good step in curbing crime from undocumented people in the US. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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President Obama Immigration Reforms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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