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Critique: Irans Nuclear Development Would not Be Resolved without War - Essay Example

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The author concludes that the USA does not hold any ill intentions for Iran. Based on the evidence presented in the essay, the loopholes in the negotiations and the existing feud between Iran and Israel, Iran’s nuclear development would be resolved after the war has taken place.  …
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Critique: Irans Nuclear Development Would not Be Resolved without War
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Extract of sample "Critique: Irans Nuclear Development Would not Be Resolved without War"

Download file to see previous pages The duty of the USA as the world’s superpower is to ensure the security of Americans and the world in general. It is involved in wars that upset the world peaceful order. The USA and other European allies persuaded Iran to drop nuclear and Uranium production to protect the civil stability existing in the country after many years of war. If the US had vested interests in Iran, it would not have lifted the international sanctions regimes, Iran’s key oil ores, banking, and financial sector. The country gets at least $4.2 billion profit from the oil sales which the USA could benefit as a result of the war. The USA would have retained the Arak reactor instead of suggesting having the plutonium reduced to manageable levels. An article by BBC News reveals that there are still political constraints that will upset the success of the negotiations about nuclear programs. There is a possibility that Iran could go out for war as opposed to the USA opting to strike it and halt the production of nuclear and uranium products.
The trips of John Kerry and the US security officials have been fruitless. In an article written by Irene Chapple and Mark Thompson on CNN edition, the newly elected Iran president Rouhani maintains that Iran will continue to embrace the peaceful technology of nuclear weapons. The president had stated six months before Iran went into a peace deal with the USA. The president changed his stance on nuclear weapons manufacture in Iran and supported the move to have the facilities inspected. There is a high likelihood that the same president can pursue war interests towards other countries other than the USA. The essay states that the bone of contention between the USA and Iran emanated from the perception that Iran could be pursuing the war to revenge against the west. Iran could still spoil for war against Israel since the feud between the two countries has never been solved since 1979. Iran perceives Israel as an illegitimate state and has no right to exist.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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