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Political and Economical Polices of the Soviet Union - Assignment Example

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The author describes the policies of the Soviet Union like Glasnost and Perestroika which were revolutionary during Soviet Era in Russia because the same restructured the relationship between Russia and America, and helped the world nations to be free from the threat of nuclear arms …
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Political and Economical Polices of the Soviet Union
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Extract of sample "Political and Economical Polices of the Soviet Union"

Download file to see previous pages The term Glasnost is related to the Soviet Union’s open policy on different branches of the government. On the other side, the Perestroika is generally the reformatory political movement in the Soviet Union aiming to bring forth economic and political restructuring. Before trying to evaluate the relevance of these policies at present, one must try to understand the problems which forced the government to implement the same. These policies are still relevant at present in Russian context because the same can help this nation to ensure smooth functioning of the government machinery. Besides, the transformation of Russian Communism from humane concern to Stalinism resulted in the degradation of the system as a whole. One can see that implementation of innovative economic and political policies can help a nation to be at the forefront of development. Within this scenario, change in economic and political policies, apart from Communist ideology, helped Russia to enjoy the benefits of modernization. So, these policies proved to be successful by limiting the influence of Stalinism and prove to be relevant at present.
One can see that the US-Russian relations at present are based upon mutual understanding and co-operation. During the Cold War, the relationship was not smooth but based upon suspicion. Besides, both the nations tried their level best to divide the world nations into different blocs based upon ideological differences. In addition, the change in Russian political and economic policies was helpful to move rapidly towards development. Now, the US government does not consider Russia as a potential enemy in the international arena.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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