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Different Forms of Political Systems - Essay Example

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The researcher will be seeking out answers to the following questions: What are the different forms of political systems? How is the power used in each of these systems? The researcher also examined the different definitions and understandings of power, politics and the state. …
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Different Forms of Political Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that direct democracy refers to democracy where each resident in a state has an equivalent right to participate in the government’s workings. However, in a representative democracy, the citizens elect their representatives who then make the laws. In a democracy, both the leaders and the citizens have power in running the government. The leader (representative) of a state has the power of making major decisions that are cultivated by the citizens. Citizens have the power of electing a representative of their choice and airing their views, opinions, and wishes for the implementation of the constitution and other government workings. There is no person with absolute power in democracy as the leaders and the citizens have almost the same rights in power. The citizens can nullify the election if a leader is deemed unfit by filing a petition in a court of law to stop him or her from leading. Thus, representatives in a democratic political system do not have full power over citizens. On the other hand, totalitarianism refers to a political system where the government has total authority over its citizens in a state and controls their public and private lives where possible. The ruler of a state also has absolute power over his or her citizens. He or she tends to impose full authority and administration in every aspect of the citizen’s lives. The government in such a political system controls the citizens by using propaganda, terror and technological means to track down unsuspecting citizens to abide by the demands of the government. Totalitarianism is divided into two categories: right-wing and left-wing totalitarianism. “Nazism” and “Fascism” evolved from right-wing totalitarianism whereas “Communism” evolved from left-right totalitarianism. Right-wing totalitarianism draws its support mainly from middle classes to seek the maintenance of the economic and social status quo. However, left-wing totalitarianism has developed from working-class movements to seek elimination of class distinctions. In essence, right-wing totalitarianism propagates the private ownership of industrial wealth by supporting the middle class. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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