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Political and economic conditions in Russia - Essay Example

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The paper is going to discuss the political and economic conditions in the Russian federation and factors that managers would consider when seeking to invest in Russia. I am also going to assess the political and economic risks in Russia at the present moment and how a company…
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Political and economic conditions in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages The paper is going to discuss the political and economic conditions in the Russian federation and factors that managers would consider when seeking to invest in Russia. I am also going to assess the political and economic risks in Russia at the present moment and how a companyThe present political conditions in Russia are critical to ensure successful running of businesses because of the tensions and attacks that happened on 29th of December 2013, where two suicide bombings occurred inThese bombings resulted to injuries and deaths of many people in the area and no group has claimed responsibility for the bombings. It was also speculated by the media that the attacks were meant to disrupt Russia’s planned Sochi Olympic Games this month. Volgograd being a transportation hub between Moscow and Southern Russia makes it insecure for businesses to carry out their operations since it is not known when the terrorists may strike again. It is impossible for Russia’s government to support other business ventures when they should be focusing on ensuring security around the places where the Sochi Olympic Games will be taking place to avoid more attacks. The political leaders have many responsibilities to ensure that their people are living in safe environments and their needs are met.The economy of Russia is growing because of its large production of oil and gas. Deresky and Christopher (2011) stated that Putin the president of Russia struggled to ensure that the country’s economy remained of high level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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