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Definition of Surveillance - Assignment Example

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This essay explains the role and describes the surveillance devices that would most commonly be expected to be used by intelligence professional to gather sound information. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of the following types of surveillance.  …
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Definition of Surveillance
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Download file to see previous pages The device is ideal for longer ranges detection. The parabolic dish aids intelligent officers to increase the sound for 40 decibels. It comes with an amplifier with connected earphones to enhance the quality. Intelligence officer finds it ideal for amplification of sounds that the naked ear cannot hear. The voice changer aids intelligent officers for masked voices. The changer is battery powered and connected to the phone with 8 voice settings. The sound amplifier is a high-tech microphone ideal for sound amplification (Brakel & Hert, 2009).
Implied surveillance plays an important role is providing controlled information growth. The advantage is in the process of ensuring security first identifies the critical information of the company that will be important to plan. The disadvantage is in executing the security measures during critical times.
Overt surveillance process is the analysis of threats; the company should be able to assess its ability to collect, process and analyze information, this will ensure the company knows exactly to what extent it is likely to suffer from possible threats.
Covert surveillance process is to ensure that vulnerabilities are also analyzed; this should involve ranging them in terms of high, medium and low to help identify the weaknesses that can easily be used to exploit the security system.
The clandestine surveillance process should also be able to analyze the type of information that the company offers. The disadvantage lies in the analysis of risks; here the threats and vulnerabilities are put on the comparison and help determine the potential risk that is posted.
Extraluminal surveillance plays a role in maintaining vigilance. The advantage is in the assessment if the assessment shows that the level of vulnerability is high and the threat is evident, then exploitation is expected and the risk is assessed to be high and protective measures are put in place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition of Surveillance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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