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The greenhouse effect and ozone depletion - Essay Example

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The climate of the earth is powered by the sun itself which radiates energy at wavelengths lying within the near-visible or visible range of the spectrum. Out of the total solar energy that strikes the top of atmosphere of our earth, one-third is observed to reflect back into…
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The greenhouse effect and ozone depletion
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"The greenhouse effect and ozone depletion"

Download file to see previous pages However, due to the fact that the earth is cooler than the sun, the wavelength of the energy radiated back lies within the infrared region of the spectrum. Most of this thermal radiation is absorbed by the clouds and other parts in the atmosphere and is radiated again to the earth. This entire effect is termed as the greenhouse effect. Due to this effect, the temperature of the earth is maintained at levels which allow life to be possible, albeit this effect is useful, the use of human activities, majorly, the deforestation and the burning of the fossil fuels have led to an intensified green house effect. This has ultimately led to global warming (IPPC, 2007).
The natural greenhouse effect involves certain greenhouse gases. These include, oxygen nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc. As a result of the natural greenhouse effect, the gases present in trace amounts within the atmosphere play a vital role in raising the temperature. This phenomenon is of immense concern since it leads to changes at sea level, changes in the weather (Myhre & Shindell, 2013).
The greenhouse effect is not only caused by natural factors but also by anthropogenic sources. This human induced green house effect is mainly due to the energy sector which plays the role of the second largest contributor of emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases. This accounted for 26 percent of emissions in 2005 (Myhre & Shindell, 2013). Further, the coal mining activities, waste from home and businesses and agriculture accounts for the release of the greenhouse gas methane. This gas causes global warming through excessive greenhouse effect resulting in a climate change. These climate impacts are in relation with the rate of temperature rise while other impacts are related to the extent of temperature rise (EPA, 2015).
It is believed that the levels of CO2 have increased by 38% while those of methane have increased by 148% since 2009. These gases aid in increased infrared energy emitted by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ozone depletion causes global warming
Ozone is made up of three atoms of oxygen which is poisonous when people inhale it especially at high concentration. It is unlike the air human beings need which is made up of two atoms of oxygen. People may get sick especially the disease called asthma when ozone is formed near the surface of the earth. It is very useful once it is formed in the atmosphere because it serves as a blanket of protection from solar radiation.
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Ozone and the climate: the depleting truth
The discussion seeks to answer the following question: What is ozone layer? The purpose of this paper is also to evaluate and present ozone depletion and climate change; effects of depletion; depleting ozone depletion. The paper tells that the global consumption of ozone depleting substances has reduced by 95%.
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The Environmental Issue (Ozone Depletion Cause Of Global Warming)
Over the years, there have been heated discussions about global warming. Some scholars have been supporting the notion that anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused the earth to warm; while others argued that, it is just a natural warming.
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Ozone Depletion Causes Global Warming
Before going deeply into ozone depletion, it would help in the discussion if the ozone layer and global warming are both defined. Ozone is an oxygen variation with three atoms unlike the air human beings breathe which is composed of two atoms of oxygen. The form makes ozone very reactive and may cause poisoning at high concentrations.
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CFC's and Ozone depletion
However, the main reason behind ozone depletion is the presence of chemical compounds called chlorofluorocarbons (also known as CFCs) in the atmosphere. The reduction of the ozone layer has been causing various adverse effects on human health, ecology, and the environment.
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Atmospheric Ozone
Ozone is also called Trioxygen. Ozone was first isolated and named by Christian Friedrich Schobein and Jacques-Louis Soretin. Its name was culled from the Greek word Ozein, which was used to describe the smell from lightning storms. Although it is essential to life, Ozone is a toxic gas and the World Health Organization (WHO) supports studies that claim that human exposure to the gas can lead to certain health effects such as cardiovascular problems and even lead to death.
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Persuasive paper: How to prevent greenhouse effect
As too much carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere from traditional energy sources, and as traditional products like computers and automobiles leave behind toxic materials, people start exploring more environmentally friendly
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The temperatures and gases composition in this layer are balanced to sustain life. Above troposphere is the stratosphere. Forrest (1994) posits that without the stratosphere, we would not
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Fears of depletion of the layer that could have undermined the role of absorbing sunrays formed the basis of arguments that depletion of the layer was a one of the possible causes of global warming. Below is a discussion of ozone
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Greenhouse gasses
Along these lines, they act like the greenhouse glass walls. This greenhouse effect makes the Earth warm enough for life sustenance. Scientists say that without greenhouse effect, the average Earth temperature
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