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Show how waves transfer energy - Assignment Example

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This transmission may adopt various means. These may include water waves that are carried through the drifts; they may include the…
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Show how waves transfer energy
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"Show how waves transfer energy"

Download file to see previous pages The movement, drift and transmission of waves as an entity between two points results in transfer of energy. For example, in case of the water waves in the oceans and on sea sides, a thrust is felt and water displaces the sand and other elements on the beach side. This is a case of waves transmitting the energy. A wave itself moves in the form of the crest and trough and each has its own altitude and moves through the different frequencies (Giordano, 2012, p. 446).
The waves enable producing energy in a specific manner. This includes the concept of potential energy being brought into motion and then converted into the kinetic energy. Kinetic energy within the molecules, particles and object itself enable the excitement of electrons and eventually leads to production of energy.
The deterministic variables in terms of waves measurement, intensity and its overall capacity includes elements such as the frequency, the amplitude, and wavelength of the overall waves. Each of these has its own measuring units.
For example, in case of the electromagnetic waves, the electric and magnetic waves move along a 90 degree to one another. They come into force as a result of the electric and magnetic field production. They slightly differ from the mechanical waves and they do so on the account of vacuum against the open platform.
The mechanical waves on the other hand are slightly different and are relatively subject to the object and material in which they are propagating. Mechanical waves may operate in the liquid as well as the solid state. Another term associated with the movement of waves is that of the refraction and reflection.
In case of the electromagnetic waves refraction takes place on account of passing through between a dense to thin medium, reflection is the simple bouncing back of the waves from a particular medium within or against any other medium or object that it comes in touch with.
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(Show How Waves Transfer Energy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Show How Waves Transfer Energy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Show How Waves Transfer Energy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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