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Techniques in Understanding Planets and Stars2 - Essay Example

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It has both extreme collimated light from the solar disk (small area) and the subdued diffuse light from the blue sky (large area). It gets also observed that…
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Techniques in Understanding Planets and Stars2
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"Techniques in Understanding Planets and Stars2"

Download file to see previous pages Other natural light sources like the fire also produce electromagnetic radiations.
The light bulbs and the fluorescent bulbs produce all the seven colours of the rainbow when the light shines upon the spectrometer. The reason being that the white light produced is split up by the spectrometer. A sodium street lamp generally produces only one light type when struck upon the spectrometer. The sodium component in the bulb only produces a yellow light. The spectrum shows a dazzling yellow band. Extra bands of colours are produced under high pressure. Street lamps are typically high-pressure sodium lamps that give a white light.
When viewing a white block above an LCD using the spectroscope, three bands of colours are produced- red, green, and yellow. TVs and computer monitors use a combination of these three colours to produce millions of colours.
The feature of the light source that get represented in the spectrum is illumination. It measures the light output from the different sources of light. Illumination is the light distribution on a surface that is horizontal. Thus, in this experiment the spectrum distribute light in the spectrometer that gets assembled. Therefore, what gets analyzed in this experiment is the distribution of light from different spectrums in horizontal surfaces. There is also the examination of the number of components that a light source can be broken up into using a spectroscope/prism (Fisher & Erickson, 2010).
Spectrometers in an instrument that splits colour into a higher band numbers. The ordinary color splits up the light into three colors including green, blue and red. Spectrometers are very significant studying celestial objects. Spectrometry allows people to study and measure the celestial bodies’ velocities and distances on the cosmological scales. When the object is moving, the light wavelengths it emits is shifted either towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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