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The velocity of different masses on a slope - Research Paper Example

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the objects will reach the ground at the same time. This concept can be experimentally proven using objects of different masses. The relationship between the mass of…
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The velocity of different masses on a slope
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"The velocity of different masses on a slope"

Download file to see previous pages For each weight, two runs were made, therefore, giving two sets time values. The velocity of the car was calculated and it was observed that the velocity of the trolley car remained significantly the same and this was attributed to the fact that the distance and the angle of the slope were kept constant during the each successive run. The results agree with the hypothesis; if the length and angle of inclination of a plane are kept constant then, the velocities of different masses of objects moving along the inclined plane will be the same
Initially, Aristotle erroneously concluded that heavy bodies would fall at a faster rate than light bodies due to their weight difference (Young et al. 2010, 51). However, in describing motion along an inclined plane, Galileo discovered that the velocity of the moving object increases proportionally with time and that the distance the object travels will be proportional to the square of the time if the initial velocity of the body was zero (Simonyi 2012, 243). Under ideal conditions, Galileo further hypothesized that the velocity of the object at the foot of the inclined plane will be dependent on the height of the starting point (angle of inclination). If the effects of the air and friction are neglected then all bodies fall with the same downward acceleration regardless of size and weight (Stillman 1974, 1).
The acceleration, velocity and distance travelled are some of the information required to give a conclusive description of the motion on an inclined plane. Since there is no extra force applied, the motion down the inclined plane is as a result of gravity which pulls directly downwards (perpendicular to the flat surface) as the object slides down the plane (Kline 1998, 55). This experiment purposes to investigate the effect of mass on the velocity of an object down the inclined plane. In effect, it will substantiate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Velocity of Different Masses on a Slope Research Paper.
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