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MOTION IN TWO OR THREE DIMENSIONS - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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The understandings of the motions in the dimensions are devoted to understanding velocity, position, and acceleration. The dimensions use examples involving motions, which have mainly constant acceleration…
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Download file to see previous pages An example, the position vector of the particle gives the position of a particular time and this makes the velocity vector on the derivative of the position
Positional vector also location or radius vector is the representation of a point in the relation to an origin. Positional vector in geometry is used in two or three-dimensional space but it can generalize to include space with given number of dimensions. The vector is used in different geometry to describe continuous and differentiable space curves. The vector is also used in mechanics in equation of motion (Chatterjee, 2009). The function defines the motion of a particle with its location in relation to the given coordinate system. Positional vector is a function of time and the three derivatives are computed with respect to time. The derivatives are used in kinematics, engineering, and control theory.
Acceleration vector is the rate in which an object in motion changes its velocity the vector has no issue to deal with the going fast of an object in motion but it is concerned with the changing of how fast the object is moving (Davis and Porta, 1994). The consideration of acceleration vector is done in three dimensions. The acceleration vectors are even done to curved motions. The components of the vector is done to speed of traverse and also the curve in the direction of the velocity vector (Davis and Porta, 1994).Acceleration for the vector has also to do with centripetal components for the circular motions and is brought about done to the changes in direction and is always normal to the trajectory and also pointing towards the center of the curved path.
The vector is so much related to specific relativity, which describes the behavior of the objects that are travelling relatively to other object and accelerations that are approaching that of light in a vacuum (Davis and Porta, 1994). Acceleration vector is used in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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