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Earthquakes are rapid ground trembling or shaking caused by a shift of rocks along an Earth’s fracture or an abrupt release of energy in the earth’s crust that creates seismic waves…
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Outline Topic: Earthquakes Earthquakes are rapid ground trembling or shaking caused by a shift of rocks along an Earth’s fracture or an abrupt release of energy in the earth’s crust that creates seismic waves.
Geological fault ruptures are responsible for the occurrence of earthquakes alongside landslides, nuclear tests, volcanic activity, and mine blasts.
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Earthquakes are damaging, disastrous. Geologic studies show that earthquakes are disastrous, and the worst natural or anthropogenic catastrophes, causing loss of life and property. Read More
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(Earthquakes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Earthquakes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Earthquakes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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Volcanoes and Earthquakes
...?VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES and Section # of Introduction: Volcanoes and Earthquakes areinvariably results of seismic activity in the Earth’s crust. They have been the harbingers of widespread damage, calamity and bereavement. Scientists and Geologists have studied the occurrence of these natural phenomena for hundreds of years, documenting every movement, every eruption from the Earth’s crust. These calamities cause wide spread damage and therefore, geologists are always trying to predict the next occurring of these events by studying the surrounding earth, weather etc. To some extent prediction related to volcanoes can be made but earthquakes are still not predictable. Scientists are now...
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... Comparison between Haiti and Chile earthquakes in Introduction An earthquake is a natural occurrence that takes place when an oceanic plate collides with the land plates thus causing an impulse. The resulting impulse between the two plates is always of a higher magnitude. It is this nature of earthquake’s higher magnitude that always causes the distractions of even stronger things including buildings, vehicles, heavy machinery among others. Earthquakes have mostly been experienced in most of Latin American countries compared to other continents. Some of these countries include Haiti and Chile. These two countries experienced what has been said to be two of the greatest earthquakes among other earthquakes in other countries... . These...
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Earthquakes in the Xi Chuan Province
...Katrina Petersen COMM 190 Earthquakes in the Xi Chuan Province: An Analysis of a Disaster’s Representation Through Video, Print, and the Web and How these Affect Disaster Management Activities as Well as the Perception of the Calamity Within and Outside the Affected Region The Xi Chuan basin is classified as a high seismic area because the region is located right where the Himalaya mountain belt and the Eurasian plate collide (Li and Chen 1003). Being near an active fault, the area regularly experiences light tremors due to the constant movement of the plates. However, there are instances where big, catastrophic earthquakes hit the region. An example of which happened on May 12, 2008, 06:28:04 (UTC)...
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...? Earthquakes al Affiliation Earthquakes are natural disasters that cause high destruction based on their strength and distance they affect once they occur. They are earth tremors that result from the shifting and shaking of the rocks beneath the earth’s surface, releasing energy that has been build up over long periods. This paper gives an explanation of the formation, occurrences, causes, and how an earthquake forms through the tectonic plate theory. The crust and the uppermost part of the mantle are made up the tectonic plates that float over the molten rocks. The plates are in a continuous motion and move over and under each other colliding at each other, which can result in a...
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Cyclones and Earthquakes
...Running head: Cyclones and Earthquakes Cyclones and Earthquakes of Cyclones and Earthquakes Natural disaster causes death and destruction on a huge scale. A release of massive amount of energy in the form of cyclones and earthquakes sometimes wipes almost the entire population of the area. They strike unexpectedly .Sometimes they can be foretold but the exact intensity and timing still remains elusive. In case of tornadoes and cyclones the warning can be issued only eighteen to thirty six hours in advance. Researches are being conducted to predict the earthquakes fairly accurately. Complete success is yet to be achieved. The unexpected nature of these...
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Earthquakes at Home
...EARTH The earthquakes that happen in the US are located around fault lines. Earthquake activity, therefore, tends to be centered around these, and not occur generally elsewhere. These fault lines are where plates in the earth are not stable and grind together. Therefore, someone in New York is less likely to be affected by an earthquake, and someone living in California is less likely. Someone living in Erie, Pennsylvania, is also relatively unlikely to experience a significant earthquake, because it is not located around a very active fault line. I see the distribution of earthquakes in the US being principally along the West Coat, where there are...
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Haiti Earthquakes
...1. The Haiti earthquake occurred on the boundary between what two tectonic plates? The Haiti earthquake occurred on the boundary between the Caribbean plate and the North America plate (U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey). 2. What is the rate of movement between these two plates? The rate of movement between the Caribbean plate and the North America plate is 20 mm/y (U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey). 3. On what plate is a) Cuba? b) Puerto Rico? c) Honduras? d) Venezuela? e) Cocos Ridge? (a) Cuba, (b) Puerto Rico and (c) Honduras are located on the Caribbean plate. (d)Venezuela is located on the South America plate. (e) The Cocos Ridge is located between the...
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Mitigation of Earthquakes in Mega Cities
...Mitigation of Earthquakes in Mega Cities Rampant growth of population and subsequent drifts to urbanization led to the emergence of mega cities especially in developing countries. According to Wenzel (2006), statistical reports state that mega cities constitute world’s 20% of the population. This immense population concentration and thereby the formation of dense mega cities have raised great difficulties in the effective risk management. Despite the wide range of techniques initiated since the Lisbon earthquake, the increased population density in mega cities has impeded the efficacy of all those tactics. In addition to urbanization, there are several other impediments to preventive strategies. This...
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Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes)
...Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes) Introduction Plate tectonics refers to the theory that earth’s outer layer comprising of plates, which have moved throughout the earth’s background information. The theory reveals on the knowhow behind mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes in ancient times as well as currently. It tells that similar animals may have lived at the same time on what is currently classified as separate continents. The Earth probably would not be recognized 225 million years ago. During that time, all major continents formed one giant supercontinent called Pangaea. Moreover, due the heat that built underneath the vast continent caused the Pangaea to split apart in around 200 million...
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Earthquakes in the media
...Earthquake Early Warning System in Long Beach Introduction Many layers makes the earth with the crust as the outer most layer. The crust is not a continuous piece but consist of large plates that are in motion and intersect at plate boundaries. Movements of the plates causes interfaces as plates come to contact at their boundaries. One of the possibilities of plate interactions is change in relative horizontal ositions as one plate moves on top of another. Normally, the relatively lighter plate moves on top of the heavier one and the two forms a subduction region that is prone to earthquakes. Another possible result of plate interaction is a drift away from each other or a drift past ech other, both of which induces susceptibility... to...
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