You wil examne your daily routine and determine the CO2 that you generate as a result - Research Paper Example

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Even the basic human activities such as digesting food and breathing also produce carbon dioxide. Trees and plants absorb the CO2 present in the atmosphere and then they…
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You wil examne your daily routine and determine the CO2 that you generate as a result
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"You wil examne your daily routine and determine the CO2 that you generate as a result"

Download file to see previous pages Digestion and Breathing: we are taught at high school that we all breathe to alive and carbon dioxide is the byproduct of the process of respiration. Keeping in mind today’s socio-political structure we can say that humanity is considered to be the emitter of carbon dioxide. The human population present across the world produces twice the amount of carbon dioxide that is being produced by all the passenger vehicles present in US by performing regular human activities such as digestion and breathing (Carbon Dioxide, 2013).
According to a Spanish study, each human being emits about 2 tons of carbon dioxide during the process of digestion (Muñoz, Canals, & Fernández-Alba, 2010). Each day a person breathes about 20,000 times. The process of breathing takes place by the help of the respiratory system. Each time a person breathes he inhales O2 and exhale CO2, so one can analyze the large amount of CO2 that is emitted by a person every day (Carbon emissions per person, by country, 2009).
Food for thought: The fridge which we use regularly emits large amount of carbon dioxide but what is present inside isn’t any better. The food in total makes up about 1.3 to 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide of our footprints, in a year. The food miles are the prominent contributor to this. The transportation of the fresh vegetables and fruits gives them carbon dioxide foot prints before they even reach to our homes. There are quarter of trucks present on the roads that carry raw material and food for the food industry.
However another problem is the growing and processing of food. Heating greenhouses, manufacturing fertilizers and food processing are all considered to be major energy consumers. It is probably considered to be healthier step to buy green tomatoes from Spain than buying the ones growing in UK greenhouses with lots of fertilizers in it.
Consuming Electricity: burning fossil fuel emits a large amount of carbon dioxide. Coal release double amount of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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