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It is given by E=hf, where h is Planck’s, f is frequency and E is the energy. Photoelectric effect is the electron emission from metallic surfaces. It normally caused by incident light which…
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Physics 4
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1a) Planck’s hypothesis refers to that light energy that proportional to frequency. It is given by E=hf, where h is Planck’s, f is frequency and E is the energy. Photoelectric effect is the electron emission from metallic surfaces. It normally caused by incident light which is absorbed by electrons, therefore, giving sufficient energy to break from the metallic surface (Tuckerman, Mark E. 362.)
b) W = hc/ʎ = 5.67943×10^-29 j
c) c = ʎf = 3.8032 × 10^-51 m/s
2a) Lyman series formula is 1/ʎ = RH (1 – 1/n^2), but RH = 1.0968 × 10^7 m-1. Therefore, n=2 and n=3 are the two longest line. when n=2 the ʎ= 121.6 nm and when n=3 the ʎ=102.6 nm. The lyman series limit is reached when n = ∞ with ʎ = 91.18 nm
b) balmer series formula is 1/ʎ = R( ½ ^2 – 1/n^2). When n =8, ʎ= 388.9 nm. Its limit when n = ∞ with ʎ = 364.6 nm. Their percent difference between is 6.248%.
c) f = c/ʎ = 57692.31 Hz. Therefore, E= hf = 3.82269 ×10^-29 j or 2.389 ×10^-10Ev
3a). In the Panchen series the longest lines are n=4 and n=5. when n=4 the ʎ= 1875 nm and when n=5 the ʎ= 1282 nm. The paschen series limit is reached when n = ∞ with ʎ = 820 nm
b) energy released from formation of helium is, E = mc^2 = 1199949300 j or 7.4997 ×10^-11Ev
c) wavalength,ʎ = h/p = 5.5217 × 10^-35 nm
Bonus quetions
1. v= 4.3703 × 10 ^-26.
2. f = 3.00413 × 10^-23 Hz
3. ʎ= 9.986× 10^30 nm
Work cited
Tuckerman, Mark E. Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Molecular Simulation. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. Internet resource. Read More
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