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Carbon footprint - Research Paper Example

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Our daily routine may have such activities that increase the carbon footprints significantly. A region’s total carbon footprint is the result of many individual carbon footprints…
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Carbon footprint
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"Carbon footprint"

Download file to see previous pages According to a research conducted by University of California, average American household carbon emissions are about 19.8 metric tons of carbon emissions. However, some of our activities increase the average level of carbon emissions. In my daily routine, I use to travel in my car to a fair distance to the gym where I workout for about 1 hour and then take sauna for about 15 minutes and then travel back to home. The total distance to gym from my home and form gym to my home is about 10 miles that adds 1.43 metric tons of carbon emission to my individual carbon footprint. Working out at gym for 1 hour further adds 0.28 metric ton of carbon footprint per year. In the similar manner, my food carbon footprint is also high, as I do like cheese and beef that have the most carbon footprint (Environmental Protection Agency, 2014). I have an old inefficient refrigerator at home that makes a lot of noise but less cooling. The carbon footprint of the refrigerator is about 175 Kg. My television footprint is about 215 Kg that is the exact value of emitted carbon-dioxide from a television if we use it for 4 hours daily. I almost utilize the watching machine daily that adds about 91 Kg of carbon emission to my individual carbon footprint (Vaughan, 2009).
In order to reduce my personal carbon footprint, I must change my lifestyle, particularly, some of the activities that have higher carbon footprint. The activities like sauna, workout, driving in car to the gym, watching television and using incandescent lights are required to be changed (Sovacool & Brown, 2010). At very initial stage, I will calculate the calories that I reduce during the workout at gym and sauna. It is better to do any alternate exercise like cycling, jogging or any other activity. Cycling for short distance for grocery reduces the travels carbon footprint as well as reduces the calorie count of the body and makes a person fit. I will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Carbon Footprint Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Carbon Footprint Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Carbon Footprint Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Carbon footprint
...?Running Head: Environmental life cycle analysis Introduction Carbon foot printing can be defined as the method of accounting for the total quantity of carbon dioxide and other GHG (greenhouse gas), emissions for which an organization as well as an individual is responsible. Generally, the gauge of accounting for a carbon footprint is basically founded on CO2e (carbon dioxide emissions). Other emissions from greenhouses such as Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O, Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), per fluorocarbons (PFCs), and Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) are all reported as carbon dioxide emissions. Reporting all the other greenhouse gas emissions...
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... LCA and Carbon Footprint Various websites provide carbon footprint calculators to help various individuals and organizations identify the extent to which they are affecting the environment. Some of these websites calculate carbon footprint based on annual emission from the previous 12 months. Consequently this means that all calculations are based on assumptions that effects on the environment can only be felt after 12 months have expired, which is not a true depiction of the reality (Carbon Footprint Ltd). Every day there are vehicles that combust fuel hence emitting smoke into the atmosphere. In addition, there are individuals who on a daily basis cut down trees to charcoal and building materials. This means that most... of these...
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...Carbon Footprint Estimate Day to day activities significantly contribute to the overall carbon emissions in to the atmosphere. The combined effect ofall individual carbon emissions is enormous hence the need to examine personal daily routine to determine the Carbon Dioxide generated as a result. Energy application at home is one of the significant contributors to carbon emissions. House lighting is required daily for at least 6 hours. This is accompanied by heating water for bath tab and kitchen. Electrical appliances in the house include; electric kettle, iron box, television set, lap top computer, refrigerator, laundry machine and Wi-Fi...
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Carbon Footprint: Concrete vs. Asphalt
...Carbon footprints of concrete and Asphalt Individuals have contended for and against the utilization of carbon foot shaped impressions of cement and Asphalt. A portion of the individuals comprehensively accept that Asphalt emanates a ton of carbon throughout its transportation and requisition as opposed to cement. In spite of this explanation, a percentage of the individuals accept that bond has more carbon discharges when its preparation procedure is thought seriously about. In any case, different examinations might be uncovered concerning both cement and Asphalt carbon foot shaped impressions. Cement nonetheless, is made of totals of...
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...Part B: Analysis of Your Carbon Footprint and Identification of Ways to Reduce Your Impact My own behavior breakdown US average behavior breakdown Home energy 66% Home and energy 36.8 % Driving and flying 18.6% Driving and flying 43.5 % Recycling and waste 3.9 % Recycling and waste 4.4 % 1) My calculated (estimated) emissions are 30 tons of CO2eq/year which is above the US national average of 27 tons per person. To get these results, I calculated quite a number of variables shown above and my results indicate that I am three tones above the US national average. My home and energy rates are above average and they account for 66%, the highest against the national average of 36.8 %....
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Carbon Footprint
...CARBON FOOTPRINT The major sources of individual GHS emissions are travels and the home usages. Food is also a major source of emission as it emits 10 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide / year. Emissions from home are the leading with about 13 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide /year. Home emissions include electricity, Natural gas, water, and construction. Travels are the second in emission at approximately 13 metric tons/year. It includes car fuel and car MFG. The pledges that I made so as to reduce my emissions by 50% are using a more efficient vehicle, practice Eco-Driving, carpool to work, take public transportation, turn off lights, reduce waste, plant trees, use rechargeable...
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...Carbon footprint Carbon footprint is the overall setsof emissions of the greenhouses gases caused by a person, product, event or an organization. The carbon footprint affects our planet and lives in various ways. For instance, when the greenhouse gases are emitted they cause our planet to heat up over the long term, hence causing global warming. Consequently, global warming cause’s food shortages and drought in some areas, additionally the ice near the poles is made to melt at the warmer temperatures hence the sea level rises. In the future, this is expected to cause flooding that is more severe near our planet coasts. At present, the...
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